BLW // Eggy Bread Recipe

My lovely friend Leanne suggested eggy bread as a great finger food for baby. I was so excited to try this because I absolutely adore French toast!


eggy bread recipe

I used Warbutons white toastie loaf for the bread. Any type of bread works, but for Dex I wanted it to be a nice soft bread. I cut off the crusts of the bread and then in a bowl I mixed an egg, a small amount of milk and vanilla extract. Don’t forget when cooking for baby you can use their regular formula or cows milk, but it must be blue topped (whole) milk. I’m quite picky about the vanilla I use. Dr Oetker’s Madagascan vanilla extract is amazing and gives it a really lovely taste.

eggy bread recipe

Once the egg mixture was sufficiently combined I placed the bread in the bowl and let it soak in the eggy juices. Meanwhile, I heated a frying pan and threw in a tablespoon of butter. Once it had melted, I placed in my slice of egg bread to cook, turning after two minutes. To grease the pan, you can use coconut oil as an alternative to butter.

eggy bread recipe

After the eggy bread had cooled, I cut it into slices and served to Dex alongside some banana. I topped mine with slices of banana and a dash of maple syrup.

eggy bread recipe


This has to be the meal he has consumed the most of so far. He found the slices easy to pick up and they were soft enough to be chewed by his gums but not so soft that they fell apart in his hands. I offered water to wash it all down as I could see quite a bit had broken up in his mouth and yet he kept trying to stuff more in.

eggy bread recipe

I think this eggy bread recipe is going to become a firm favourite in our household. Let me know if you give it a try.

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