2017 // February

    Another month has come to an end in 2017. I know this is a short month, but my gosh, time really has flown this month. It feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago that I was writing the January round up.

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    Blogging // Duplicate Content: A Form of Flattery or Something More Sinister?

    When I first started blogging, I noticed that everytime I posted about a certain topic or posted a certain style of photo, another blogger would quickly post something extremely similar. At first, it made me feel mad. I ranted and raved at my husband, asking him why this person couldn’t get their own ideas, but eventually I relaxed a bit. It gave me and my friends a little bit of a giggle to screenshot the copied sentences and the similar post titles into our group chat and laugh at the similarities. I realised that this particular blogger probably didn’t even realise they were copying me and that I should take it as a form of flattery.

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    Activities, Baby

    Fun Activities for a Four Month Old


    In the early days of having a newborn, they don’t need much entertaining but by the time they reach four months, activities are definitely needed. It can be difficult to think up things to do day in, day out, so I made this list of fun activities for a four month old. These are all the things me and Dex got up to when he was this age.

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    Baby, Dex

    Dex // 9 Month Update

    He spent nine months growing in my belly and now here we are at nine months in the outside world.

    It’s been nearly eighteen months since I first saw him on a screen dancing away at only nine weeks. His legs bounced up and down and his arms flapped up and down. It’s incredible to know that even at only nine weeks, babies have their arms and legs and have a personality.

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    Review // Choosing the Perfect Gift with Wicked Uncle

    Before I had Dexter, I had no idea what babies liked, what gifts they needed or what would be helpful for Mum and Dad. I know I am not the only one who has had this problem, proven by the tens of blankets we received as gifts when he was a newborn. There are some that have never even been touched.

    This is where Wicked Uncle comes into play. Their website is jam packed full of amazing gifts for all ages, from babies right up until they are teenagers. The month of February is Wicked Uncle’s baby and toddler month; whilst a large proportion of their stock is for older children, a significant amount of stuff is available for babies and toddlers under two and they asked me to go and check it out.

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    BLW, Recipe

    Baby Led Weaning Recipe // Lemon Cake

    Neil absolutely adores his Mum’s lemon drizzle cake, which is totally delicious, but also I imagine quite calorific and full of sugar. Not great for a young baby whose sugar intake I’m trying to limit. I have never posted a dessert type recipe before, instead focussing on finger food, but there comes a point when a baby reaches a certain age where they start taking an interest in desserts and snacks and I wanted to make something that would be suitable for this.

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