Days Out

    Days Out // Yellow Sub Soft Play

    Now that Dex is on the move, I am becoming increasingly concerned for the number of brain cells he has left. He has had that many bumps, falls and bruises crawling around our poky flat that I decided enough was enough; we had to get out and cruise around a soft play instead.

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    How to Start Blogging in a Few Easy Steps

    I’ve started receiving quite a few emails over the past few weeks asking me how I started blogging and asking for my advice on how to become a Mummy blogger. It’s always lovely to receive emails from people who have been reading my blog and have felt inspired to start blogging themselves. Here I wanted to highlight what I did to start blogging and how you can do it too.

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    Baby, BLW, Recipe

    Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Baked Pancake

    As I am sure my regular readers are aware, we love a baby led weaning pancake! We’ve tried banana pancakes, sweet potato pancakes, scotch pancakes and now we have this baked pancake recipe.

    This baked recipe is totally baby led weaning friendly. There’s no added salt or sugar; it uses unsalted butter and the fruit makes it sweet enough. It takes only 25 minutes to bake and can be left to do so while you get on with doing something else. Best of all, the baked pancake tastes incredible!

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    The Bedtime Tag

    Thank you to my bezzie Nicola (cool name btw) over at for the tag. This particular tag is all about bedtime! Let’s crack on with the questions….

    1. Describe your usual bedtime routine.

    I slide into bed after I’ve put the D-due down at around 7-7.30pm and sit there for the next five to six hours on my phone and watching crap TV. At midnight(ish) the telly goes off and I lie there for an hour or so waiting for sleep to envelope my brain.

    2. What are your favourite pyjamas?

    I don’t wear pyjamas. I usually wear leggings and a vest top. In the colder months I throw on a cardie or a jumper as well.

    3. What is your current bedtime reading?

    Twitter and Facebook.

    4. What would I find on your bedside table?

    Remotes, some post, a tie of Neil’s, moisturiser, a dirty cup and a video monitor.

    5. What scent makes you sleepy?

    Scents give me a headache.

    6. What is your usual bedtime and wakeup time?

    I go to sleep between 12am and 1am and wake up between 7.30am and 9am. I’m taking the lie ins while I can. When I was at work I was up at 5.30-6 most days.

    7. What are your top three bedtime products?

    Bedtime products? Um, what is a bedtime product?

    8. What is your most common sleeping position?

    I sleep on my side. It was difficult when I was pregnant because of my SPD and Dexter kicking me every time I tried to lie on my left side. I ended up sleeping on my back most nights. Now I am back to the foetal position.

    9. Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?

    A can of Coke Zero.

    10. What is your worst bedtime habit?

    Staying on my phone too long killing all my melatonin so I can’t fall asleep for ages.

    I tag:-

    Clare @ Dear Mummy Bear

    Becky @ Little Big and Me

    Maria @ Mummy to Logan

    Baby, Dex

    Dexter’s 8 Month Update


    Dexter turned 8 months old on Friday. How? Why? HOW? My little darling has come on SO much over the past few weeks! Here’s what’s been happening.

    He has dropped a few bottles. It is so nice not to have to sterilise so many times per day. I remember the days when he was on seven or eight bottles. Thankfully he is now down to four. He has a bottle when he wakes at 8.30am, another at 11.30am, one at 3 or 4pm and a bedtime bottle at 7pm. It’s been amazing to drop the midnight dream feed. Although, this feed was a life saver to get him to sleep through, it was really hard some nights to stay up that late.

    I have a dreamy baby when it comes to sleeping. (Literally!) He wakes at 8.30am and is back down for a nap without a fuss at 10.30am. A second nap comes in at 2.30pm and he goes to bed for the night at 7pm, sleeping right through to the next morning. I am so thankful! For most naps he goes off without a peep. Gone are the days where I’d be in and out with a dummy multiple times. I have to say thanks to my Uncle Brian for buying us a wonderful Christmas gift. This fantastic product plays songs and lights up when baby wakes and cries a little and it soothes them back to sleep. Highly recommended!


    Dex is on three meals a day. For breakfast we have pancakes, toast, crumpets, shredded wheat and fruit. (But not all at the same time, although I have no doubt he’d give it a good go) For lunch it’s pancakes, baked potato, sandwiches or pasta; and for tea it’s a little bit of what we’re having whether that’s curry, pasta, stir fry or a burger. He’s doing great at baby led weaning. Gagging is very minimal and he is consuming ALOT. I don’t go to get him weighed officially because they stopped all the clinics within walking distance but I weigh him at home. He comes in at around 22lbs which looks to be on the 93rd percentile. I am not worried in the slightest though because he looks super skinny and he is REALLY tall. Like seriously, he’s wearing 9-12 month trousers and I had to put away a 9-12 month romper the other day because it was too small. I have the 12-18 month stuff on standby! Top wise he could squeeze into 3-6 but I put them all away to make room for the 6-9 and 9-12 stuff.


    Dexter is babbling away like mad now. He says mama, dada, nana and gaga. He doesn’t know what any of them mean though. He can sit unaided and can crawl. He is able to get from a crawling position to a seated position and can lift himself from the floor to a standing position if he has something to grab hold of. It’s scary. He crawls all over the house but he loves crawling to the oven to play with the oven glove and crawling around the bathroom. We’ve invested in some baby gates to stop him getting in the kitchen while I’m cooking.

    He loves bouncing in his jumperoo and playing with his wooden walker. He was given two gorgeous V-tech toys for Christmas that he adores as well. He still loves his old favourites like the Whoozit and foil blanket.

    He now has two teeth and I reckon one more on the way. He is so good at having his teeth brushed. I give him one toothbrush to chew while I scrub his teeth with another. He loves it. We sing the Brush Your Teeth song at the same time.

    I am so excited to see what the next month brings. He has developed his personality so much this month. You can really see him learning everyday, looking at things with interest and searching for Mummy and Daddy when he is scared. He makes me very proud every single day.

    You can read updates from previous months here

    Living Arrows

    Living Arrows 2017 // 4/52

    This year I am joining in with What the Redhead Said‘s project Living Arrows which is all about celebrating childhood.

     “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

    -Kahlil Gibran

    Each week I will be posting a picture of Dexter showing what we have been up to or something new he has learnt.

    Wow, how are we on week four already? Time is certainly flying by. This week we enjoyed some messy play with some spaghetti and Kala Chana beans. I started by placing the cooked food in a laundry tub but then quickly realised Dex is FAR too tall to squeeze into one of those tubs. Instead, I placed a plastic table cloth on the floor and poured the spaghetti and beans all over it. Dex was certainly in his element. He ate ALOT of the spaghetti (pretty sure this contributed to him being constipated for a day or so after this) and squished the beans with his fingers. It was a lot of fun and we had a nice cuddly bath together afterwards to clean up.


    Living Arrows

    If you want to take part in Living Arrows, check out the linky here.

    Check out previous weeks’ installments here.

    BLW, Recipe

    Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Simple Scotch Pancakes

    We are big fans of banana and sweet potato pancakes, but sometimes it’s nice just to have the old fashioned kind! This simple scotch pancakes recipe is dead easy, using ingredients you should already have in your cupboard/fridge. They are super delicious and nice and soft for baby. These will also be great for when Pancake Day comes on March 1st.


    What you will need to make simple scotch pancakes (makes four medium sized pancakes):

    1 egg (whisked until frothy)

    60ml milk

    80g plain flour

    1tsp baking powder

    handful of blueberries

    Super simple scotch pancakes recipe. Perfect for baby led weaning or for pancake day. these yummy pancakes are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner!


    1. Crack an egg in a bowl and whisk until frothy.

    2. Sift 60g of flour into a bowl and add a teaspoon of baking powder

    3. Add the egg to the flour, then pour in the milk slowly, whisking to create a batter.

    4. Add any fruit (optional) we used blueberries.

    5. Heat some oil in a saucepan on high heat, once melted, reduce the heat to medium.

    6. Use half a ladle of batter for each pancake. Once the edges brown, carefully lift using a spatula and flip.

    7. Stack them up whilst you make the rest.

    Dex ate two of these pancakes easily. I will warn you, the blueberries created a huge mess. He had a bath afterwards but I couldn’t clean the purple stains off his fingernails! Other fruit you can try are strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, soft cooked apple or you could try dried fruit or even savoury items like prawns or chicken! This recipe is really versatile. The world is your oyster.

    Let me know if you try these simple scotch pancakes and what you think.

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    Baby // How to Change a Nappy in 15 Easy Steps

    Dexter is about to turn eight months old and has just learnt how to crawl. I’ve spoken before about our struggles with nappy changes now he is on the move so I thought I’d come up with a step by step guide on how to change a nappy. I think if you are in the same predicament as me that this will come in very useful!

    1. Identify that baby needs a nappy change. I do this by sticking my nose right next to his bottom, giving it a huge inhale and then wondering why the hell I decided to do that.

    2. Place baby on his back on the changing station.

    3. Take off his trouser and unpop his vest. Smile sweetly as he tries to roll onto his side and say No darling, just stay there a moment.

    4. Grapple with baby as he continues to roll. Hold him down with one hand while you fish around the floor and drawers for a distraction. Find a suitable toy and wave it in front of his face. He should now be settled on his back.

    5. Undo the nappy to find the disgusting evidence. But wait, it looks pretty intriguing actually. Is that the avocado I gave him yesterday for lunch? And look at those orange bits, he must have been swallowing those cubes of carrot whole!

    6. Watch helplessly as baby slams his socked foot into the dirty nappy you were examining. Mutter an expletive or two under your breath before smiling sweetly and saying Aw dear.

    7. Roll up the nappy and fish around for the baby wipes to wipe the poo from baby’s foot. Hold his legs in the air as you wipe his bottom with more baby wipes. Realise the packet is empty. Swear a lot more under your breath.

    8. Using one hand to hold his bum in the air, fish around with the other hand and find another packet of wipes. Phew! That was close. Attempt to open it with one hand, then realise baby’s bum is going to have to be put back down as it’s a two handed job.

    9. Shout to husband to come and help. Swear some more when he replies, I’m just on the toilet having a poo! 

    10. Finish wiping baby’s bottom and put the dirty wipes and nappy in a nappy bag. Tie the bag up. Phew. Nearly finished now.

    11. Grab the nappy cream tub and start rubbing it onto baby’s bottom. Watch helplessly as he drops his toy and places his hand into the tub. Snatch the tub away and grab his hand before he covers his t-shirt in the stuff. Get more baby wipes to remove the cream then realise you had already tied up the bloody nappy bag. Get another one to dispose of these cream filled wipes.

    12. Place a nappy under baby’s bum to do up. Watch as he starts rolling again as you try to do the sides up. Shake the toy vigourously in front of his face and watch him ignore it as he rolls and then crawls over to the edge of the table and to his doom.

    13. Pick baby up and place him down again on his back. Hold him down with one hand as you try to do up the nappy with the other. Shout husband again. No reply.

    14. Finally manage to do the nappy up. Realise you still have to do up the vest and put on his trousers but decide against it.

    15. Place baby on floor to crawl off and slump in a heap, exhausted from the massive task you just completed.

    I hope this step by step guide has been of use to you. I assure you, if you follow it properly, you will get your baby’s nappy changed in less than 30 minutes! My record is 23 minutes doing it this way.

    Can you relate to this? Leave me a comment and let me know.


    Baby // Feeling Exhausted by another Mental Leap. 

    We are now fully immersed into the sixth mental leap. I should be happy that my baby is making a mental leap into the world of categories but already I am feeling tired, frustrated and emotional.

    It doesn’t help that these leaps coincide with what appear to be periods of teething and that during the first week of this leap, I’ve started making tentative steps to returning to work by organising some KIT days.

    I’m not ashamed to say that I am feeling completely overwhelmed and frightened by the thought of returning to work. I have currently been out of the workplace for a little over 12 months and when I return full time it will have been close to 16 months. (I was off sick for a couple of months during my pregnancy).

    I always know when Dexter is starting to enter a mental leap. He begins playing with his hands, holding them up in front of his face and staring at them in amazement. Then, things start going up a notch. He stops looking at me. He wants to be in his own world and doesn’t want anything to do with me. Or, there’ll be times when all he wants is me. He will sit quietly in my lap while I sing or read and just want to be held.

    The most frustrating part of the leap is the crying. The tears come and nothing can solve them. He doesn’t want to be held, he won’t sleep, he’s not hungry and he seemingly hates me. It’s devastating. It almost makes me think that it will be a relief to return to work; but then I remember his face and his usual sunny disposition and feel guilty.

    The last mental leap we went through was long and hard. Towards the end, I had forgotten my lovely boy and only knew this whiny, cranky baby. It left me wondering where I had gone wrong, to raise such an unhappy creature. Then, one afternoon he woke up at 2pm after a nap and the Dexter I could barely remember was back. I can’t even explain it. Since then, we’ve had five or six wonderful weeks together over December and January, but now a mental leap has returned and along with it an impatient, teary and ignorant baby.

    I know I have to hold it together to help him through this. I cannot lose my patience and I have to take it when he is struggling out of my arms and refusing to acknowledge my existence. I am angry though. Angry that my last few weeks with my baby have to feel like this. Why does nature put us through it? I spend the long days with him wishing for them to come to an end because they are so exhausting. I then spend the evenings feeling sad and guilty; missing my little boy like crazy, wondering why I wish them away.

    Every nap I will be waiting. Waiting to see if he wakes up from this dark cloud that has shrouded him. Waiting for my little boy to come back.

    You can learn more about mental leaps on the Wonder Weeks website.

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