BLW // English Breakfast Recipe

BLW // English Breakfast Recipe

This isn’t acually a recipe but more like the way we serve a full English to Dex. I mean, frying up a full English isn’t exactly hard now is it?

Obviously, I don’t serve this to Dexter everyday, but it’s nice as a weekend treat.

If I went into a greasy spoon in Liverpool and asked for a full English, I’d probably get: sausages, bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, black pudding, a round of toast and a cup of builder’s tea. I suppose what I offer Dex is more like a half English breakfast!

I make sure I buy sausages that have a good percentage of pork. Some cheap sausages only have 40% or less, so I spend my money on decent sausages that have more than 90%. It is of course healthier to grill the sausages, but I often find they can be rock hard so I gently fry them.

I make scrambled eggs for Dex. One egg, a splash of milk and some pepper in a frying pan, continuously stirred until it forms a solid lump. Probably healthier than a fried egg and definitely easier to pick up!

We don’t like beans in this house. I have tried him with them but he finds them hard to pick up. We substitute them with Cirio‘s tinned peeled tomatoes. These tomatoes taste amazing and are nice and soft for him to nom on.

I complete the meal with a slice of buttered toast.

It is nice for us all to sit around the table as a family and enjoy this meal. It’s very rare the three of us get to do it. Usually, daddy is in work until late and he leaves before breakfast.

What do you guys do at breakfast time?

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Disclaimer: I was given a range of Cirio products to sample and review on this blog. The review will be coming shortly. All views about the range are my own.

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  1. 18th December 2016 / 8:37 pm

    We need to try this – I’ve not ventured to meat yet. We normally go for a bit of toast (which generally goes soggy and disgusting!), tried baby porridge and rice…. he just can’t use the spoon well enough to get the gloop in!!

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