The Future of Blogging

The Future of Blogging

When I first started blogging, I had no concept of the ins and outs of it all. I had no idea that there was money to be made or relationships with brands to be forged. I have learnt so much over the past eight months and it has got me thinking…what is the future of blogging especially for Mummy bloggers.

The market is now very much saturated with Mummy bloggers; so many Mums choose to stay at home with their babies and blogging gives them the chance to give them a bit of ‘me time’ while offering the opportunity to earn a few extra pennies. It is my opinion that as the market continues to become inundated with new mummy bloggers, brands will start looking to work with those who can offer more unique content- vloggers and Instagram influencers.

We are already seeing an increase in the number of influencers who don’t even blog, they simply have a beautiful Instagram which they use to ‘microblog’. Many bloggers are feeling the pressure to start vlogging, myself included. I recently set up my Youtube channel and have uploaded a couple of videos, although none feature me speaking to the camera (yet!)

I am hoping the future of blogging sees only those with good spelling and grammar be successful. i get very tired of reading blogs with poor grammar and spelling and I would hope brands would be reluctant to work with these blogs.

Finally, I would like to see the blogging community (especially the parenting community) become a friendlier place. It can be cut throat at times and feel as if there are so many cliques and tribes which are impenetrable. I am lucky in that I found my own tribe, but would never intentionally make someone feel like an outsider which I often see on social media.


I’ve written this as part of Innovation Company’s study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging –

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