Blogtober 2017 // Babies

Blogtober 2017 // Babies


I was always adamant that I wouldn’t be having any. I was happy to find a partner, settle down and then spend our lives free as birds, doing some travelling, working hard and playing hard.

I’m not sure what it was that changed but after being married for just over a year we started chatting about having one.

I think something within you changes. Going out every weekend and getting drunk starts to get boring and you can see your friends having children and how happy they are. In any case, we started trying and pretty much straight away I fell pregnant.

During my pregnancy I felt aggrieved about all of the things I was missing out on; mainly alcohol. I was told I would no longer be able to this or to go there. It was all a load of crap. Babies don’t restrict you, they liberate you.

I turned to my husband last night and I said, ‘What do people without kids actually do?’ I simply cannot imagine my life now without Dexter and without all of the joy and happiness he brings me. I know I’ve turned into one of ‘those’ parents who believes their child is the absolute world, but this is what having babies does to you.

If they do a big poo after days of constipation you celebrate with such enthusiasm, bringing the nappy to your partners face to examine the goods and send Whatsapp messages to family member relaying the great news.

If they make a sound that could possibly be deciphered as a word, you quickly get your camera phone out to shoot a video and share with the world how clever your child is.

When they sleep through the night you worry that they’ve somehow stopped breathing during their slumber. If they wake up during the night you worry that they’ve got a stomach bug or teething pain and soothe them with calpol and mummy hugs.

Going out and getting drunk on a boat on a Saturday night? Why would that even be a thing? Spending hundreds of pounds on clothes and make up for myself? Did I really used to do that? I can’t imagine my life now being any other way. Saturday afternoons in the park and my wage packet going on childcare, baby pyjamas and Early Learning Centre toys.

My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. I could actually be that woman who has 11 kids if only I’d started sooner! Luckily, being in your thirties and having kids isn’t a strange thing anymore so hopefully I still have time to pop out one or two more before looking forward to becoming a grandmother in my later years.

Babies. They truly make the world go round.




  1. 2nd October 2017 / 2:09 pm

    It is hard to imagine life without kids. I can’t remember what I did with my time before them. Kids are fab. hehehe

  2. 2nd October 2017 / 3:32 pm

    I can only imagine that life without kids would result in me constantly eating super noodles and hanging out in coffee shops. Sounds amazing but think it’d be boring within 5 minutes!

  3. 2nd October 2017 / 6:59 pm

    Great post. Lovely read and so true I can’t imagine my life without my little chunky monkey and 1 more on the way lol I must be crazy, #blogtober2017

  4. 2nd October 2017 / 9:03 pm

    I couldn’t imagine life without mine and I didn’t plan either, I agree the only thing I would change is that I would have started sooner and had loads more #blogtober17

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