Blogtober 2017 // Date

Blogtober 2017 // Date

I love going dates, although it’s much harder now we have a little one to consider. Since Dex was born we’ve had one night where we went out alone and had a meal and a night in a hotel. Date night usually now consists of ordering a takeaway, cosying up in bed and watching a film or an episode from our latest favourite boxset.

The best date my husband and I went on happened a couple of weeks before Dexter came screaming into the world. It was so simple and really nothing special at all, yet the day sticks in my memory as one of my favourite days I’ve ever spent with my husband.

I was 38 weeks pregnant and had been feeling pretty rubbish for the longest time. I’d been suffering with SPD since I was 16 weeks pregnant and signed off work from 21 weeks. I’d spent most of January and February cooped up in the house, occupying my time by cooking and posting the results on Instagram or playing Zelda on the Wii. I was in a lot of pain and walking was barely manageable.

This particular Saturday we decided to make use of a Bella Italia gift card my Mum had kindly given us for our anniversary. We walked into town, very slowly. We stopped in a few shops and I had to keep stopping to take a break but finally we made it. The place was absolutely heaving and there was a queue out of the door to get a table but somehow we were seated very quickly. I’m guessing the massive belly and the bloated face helped!

We ate two courses and I consumed every mouthful with joy and delight. You reach a certain stage in your pregnancy where you simply no longer care and you want to eat all the food, all the time. After finishing, I was still hungry.

We walked back towards home and as we did so we stopped outside the Malmaison hotel. We decided to pop in and have a coffee and dessert and it was just incredible. My fondest memory is me trying to descend the steps outside the hotel afterwards; I was in so much pain but couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous it was that I couldn’t negotiate three small steps and how stupidly big my belly was. I was so happy despite the difficulty and the pain and looking back I think I was just so content to be spending time with my lovely husband on one of the last weekends we were to have together as a twosome.

We promised we would go back to the Malmaison and do the same again, despite the cost, but we never have. Perhaps it’s the fear that the second experience could never live up to the first, or maybe we just have better things to spend our money on now we have a baby.



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