• Dexter wearing green shorts and red arm bands stood on the beach next to the incoming tide holding hands with his daddy

    Toddler Travel Tips: How to Make Your Journey as Easy as Possible

    30th January 2018

    There are pros and cons in traveling with a toddler. Obviously, you want your toddler to explore the world and also learn from the trip. Kids love to see new things and this is something you don’t want to deprive your child of. The only problem is when you are already outside, you will never…

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  • Haul | 18-24 Month Wardrobe

    29th January 2018

    Dexter is well and truly into his 18-24 month wardrobe now and I have actually put all of his 12-18 month stuff away. It’s actually on my mind now that I need to start looking for 2-3 year clothes but for now I wanted to have a look back on some of my favourite 18-24…

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  • Cervical Cancer Prevention Week & A Shameful Admission

    23rd January 2018

    This week is Cervical Cancer Prevention Week and it’s getting a little bit difficult to hide from. From posts all over Facebook of women with their lipstick smeared down their job, to reports on the radio of exactly how many lives are claimed each year from a disease that can be so easily prevented by…

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  • Dexter’s 20 Month Update

    22nd January 2018

    Welcome to Dexter’s 20 month old milestones update. It’s been a funny old month; usually January seems to drag on and on, but this year it’s flown by so quickly I can hardly catch my breath. This is what is new with Dexter this month.

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  • How We Chose The Right Childcare Provider For Us

    17th January 2018

    When it comes to returning to work after maternity leave, you are awash with so many emotions: guilt that you have to leave your little one; anxiety that you are doing the right thingΒ returning to work and apprehension that you may have completely forgotten how to even do your job. The last thing you need…

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  • baby led weaning french toast sandwich topped with blueberries and bananas

    Baby Led Weaning French Toast Recipe

    16th January 2018

    This recipe isn’t just for tiny hands learning about food; it will work perfectly for toddlers or even adults who love to indulge in a scrummy breakfast filled with flavour. Dexter is a huge fan of toast and it’s one of the few words he can actually say at 20 months old, but occasionally I…

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  • Baby Led Weaning Ideas | Spanish Food Perfect for Babies and Toddlers

    8th January 2018

    My husband and I love to travel the world and we decided early on that having a new addition to our family would not stop us from experiencing new cultures. Going abroad with a baby or toddler can bring a wide range of anxieties and apprehension: will we run out of formula? How am we…

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