• 3 Things to Do With Kids in San Francisco

    30th May 2018

    As summer rolls around, it is tempting to go on vacation and get out of the house for a while. With kids in tow, however, it’s never as easy as just picking up and going. If you’re planning your next destination, and San Francisco has made the short list, take a look at these ideas…

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  • Baby Bjorn Long Sleeve Bib | Review

    30th May 2018

    We’ve been big fans of coverall bibs since the start of our baby led weaning journey, but now that Dex is weaned he very rarely needs to even wear a normal bib when he is eating as he is quite careful and methodical. When it comes to painting or baking with Mummy though, being careful…

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  • Two houses under turquoise sky

    Buying A House: Questions to Ask When Viewing a Property

    28th May 2018

    We’ve just spent the past few weeks viewing multiple properties while trying to find our dream home and the first thing that really surprised me was the fact you are usually shown around by the vendor as opposed to the estate agent. I suppose it’s from watching way too may American TV shows that I…

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  • Challenges That Every Small Business Owner Will Face

    26th May 2018

    When you first start up a small business, it will take you a while to get on your feet and get to grips with the basics that make a success of your company. Now, every company faces some sort of challenges along the way. Some of this will come as a complete surprise – and…

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  • 5 Ways to Enjoy the Kid-Friendly Side of San Francisco

    23rd May 2018

    Whether it’s learning about sea life or discovering history, San Francisco offers a variety of attractions for everyone to enjoy. If you’re traveling to the city with children, check out the following options to find a kid-friendly side of San Francisco that will make your vacation a memorable one.

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  • Dexter Turns Two: Reliving My Birth Story

    20th May 2018

    When I was pregnant, I had a huge fear of giving birth. If my husband could use one animal to describe me, it would definitely be a camel sticking herΒ head in the sand. This is my coping mechanism. It got me through pregnancy; but every so often, I’d have a little panic.

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  • Pregnancy Diary: Week 9

    18th May 2018

    I started this week pretty badly having a really emotional Monday. It started when I dropped Dexter off at the childminders and I got really upset as it was to be his last week there. When I got to work I sat in my car for a while and couldn’t stop crying but finally manned…

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