• Mummy to Dex aka Nicola stood in front of her home wearing a black vest top and skirt, six months pregnant

    I’m Not Ready For This Baby

    17th September 2018

    I’m not ready for this baby. I’m not ready to give up any more space in my body to accommodate you. I’m not ready to gain more stretch marks, to watch my ankles swell and to take my rings off when they feel too tight. I’m not ready to find it harder than the day…

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  • Days Out: West Lancashire Light Railway, Hesketh Bank

    10th September 2018

    Dexter is at the stage where is OBSESSED with anything that comes with wheels, whether it be cars, aeroplanes, tractors or trains. He takes a particular interest in choo choos and enjoys activities at home which involve building tracks, running along as if he were a train and driving trains up and down the skirting…

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  • Sat in bed putting Palmers stretch mark cream on my baby belly

    8 Must Have Pregnancy Products to Nourish You From the Inside Out

    7th September 2018

    Pregnancy. It’s meant be all glowing skin, blossoming bumps and glossy hair. The reality can be quite different! Most days I feel very frumpy, with terrible spotty skin and my hair is usually more greasy than glossy. With this being my second pregnancy, I’ve been determined to look after myself a bit more this time…

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  • Keep The Bad Guys Out: Is Your Home Business Taking Security Seriously?

    6th September 2018

    You might think it’s larger companies that criminals like to target- however, many actually prefer smaller businesses (even though there’s less money and less assets they can take once they’re in). This is simply because it’s easier for them take what they need, since lots of small businesses don’t have strong security systems in place.…

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  • woman wearing a black bikini lying in a shallow pool

    CoolSculpting: A Non-Surgical Fat Busting Procedure

    2nd September 2018

    *Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post One of the most common complaints I hear from women after they’ve had a baby is how unhappy they are with their appearance, most notably, their weight.

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