• baby led weaning beetroot pasta for babies in bamboo bamboo bowl and suction plate on the kitchen counter

    Baby Led Weaning Beetroot Pasta Sauce for Babies

    31st August 2019

    One of the easiest meals to prepare for your baby when the cupboards or bare or you’ve had a particularly challenging day is pasta. What can be simpler than throwing pasta in a pan, topping it up with water and leaving it to boil for ten minutes or so? If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous…

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  • Neil and Felix in the pool in fuenete camacho

    Felix’s 7 & 8 Month Update

    30th August 2019

    My darling Felix. Please forgive me for being so slow at writing your seven and eight month updates. We have been so busy as a family, cherishing every day of the six week summer holidays and spending two weeks in Spain meeting your Grandad for the first time. It feels like eons since I wrote…

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  • Nicola holding Felix in Wemyss Bay train station

    Maternity Leave: The Sort of Halfway Point…

    29th August 2019

    It’s been seven months since I started my maternity leave and I’ve still got another six months before I’m due to return to my role as a manager in a busy retail outlet in Liverpool. I’m sort of at the half way point now and it got me thinking, am I really making the most…

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  • Dexter wearing I heart Dad t-shirt holding a sword on the grass outside Dundonald castle

    3 Top Quality Time With The Kids Ideas For Working Mums

    28th August 2019

    When you have to balance family life with work, it can seem like all there is time for is to get done the bare essentials for survival. Of course, that keeps everyone happy and healthy, but it doesn’t always leave you with as much time to spend having fun with the kids as you’d like.…

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  • Swizzels Pick n Mix in a tub with a plastic scoop and jar of Love Hearts beside

    AD | Summer Pick n Mix Memories with Swizzels + GIVEAWAY

    26th August 2019

    The summer months always evoke so many memories for me- I’m not sure if it’s the warmer weather or the fact that the six week summer holidays always seemed to last FOREVER when I was a child – but this time of year always leaves me reminiscent of years gone by.

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  • Baby Led weaning hash brown potato cakes on a tray cut into strips

    Baby Led Weaning Hash Brown Potato Cakes

    25th August 2019

    We are just back from a two week break in Spain and the difference in Felix from when to left to when we got back is incredible. He started leap six while we are away and we’ve noticed that as well as gaining a lot of hair on his head, he’s becoming much more adept…

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  • Dexter at eight months old in an ikea highchair wearing a sunhat at a busy bar in Mallorca

    Baby Led Weaning Snacks: A Collection of Ideas and Recipes

    16th August 2019

    When your baby reaches around 8-9 months, you may see that their milk intake drops slightly and instead they’re looking for a snack when they maybe used to be having a bottle or breastfeed. Finding the perfect baby led weaning snacks can be difficult – suddenly you’ve got to think about another couple of items…

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