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3 Top Quality Time With The Kids Ideas For Working Mums

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When you have to balance family life with work, it can seem like all there is time for is to get done the bare essentials for survival. Of course, that keeps everyone happy and healthy, but it doesn’t always leave you with as much time to spend having fun with the kids as you’d like. In fact, it can sometimes feel like you end up missing all the fun bits, only to be stuck sitting behind a desk at work. Luckily, this feeling can be dispelled by setting some time aside for kids activities like the ones you will find in the post below. Read on to find out more. 


One enjoyable activity for mums to do with kids when they get a rare afternoon off of work is to bake. In fact, kids love baking because not only do they get to make something, but they get to eat it once it’s done as well. 

Of course, for mums, it can be a fantastic experience too, as seeing your little ones learn a new skill for the very first time is very gratifying. They are nearly always guaranteed to get in a right mess as well, which while taking a while to clear up, can be pretty hilarious for mum to be involved in as well! 

Spending time with family pets 

Another fantastic activity that you can try is spending some quality time together teaching the kids how to look after the family pet. In fact, there is nothing cuter than seeing your little ones learn to love and care for a fur baby of their own. 

Of course, not all families have room for a large pet such as a dog or cat, but there is no need to let that stop you. After all, there are plenty of tiny pets that can be just as rewarding to take care of, such as birds, mice, and hamsters. 

Just be sure that you have all the resources and equipment such as things like these before you bring your pet home. Oh, and do make a point of teaching the kids how to interact with your pet as well. The reason being that this can help to keep everyone safe during your pet play sessions. 

Going on a nature ramble 

Lastly, if you are looking for an outdoor quality time activity, there is nothing better than a nature ramble. If you haven’t come across this term before, a ramble is basically the same thing as a walk or a hike. It’s just that you get the kids to focus specifically on things to do with nature. 

Dexter and Daddy playing with the Little Tikes anchors away pirate ship water table

Of course, what exactly you focus on is up to you. In fact, you will often find that your own children’s interest will dictate the subject of the walk for that week. Especially if they have been learning about a specific type of flora, fauna, or the nature principle in school or nursery.

You can even make things that little bit more interactive by asking the kids to gather real-life samples or take a picture of what they find on their walks. Materials that can then be used for science or art projects later on, which also make excellent quality time activities to share as a family when you have some time off of work. 

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