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4 More Ways to Save Money

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Back in December, we looked at four different ways that we can all use to cut back on our spending ahead of the festive season. Now that we are in the summer, it’s still just as important to look after those pennies, so here are four more ways to keep a little extra back each month. 

Do You Really Need It?

This may seem like a really obvious way to save money, but it can be really easy to forget about it. While a voucher code can help you save a fraction of the cost, not buying it at all will save you 100%. 

 Of course, you can’t not buy groceries and other essentials, but you can stop yourself making those seemingly innocent impulse purchases that soon add up. 

 There are two ways you can make yourself more disciplined. The first is to ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”

If the answer is no, put it back on the shelf. If you’re still tempted, just take a day or two to sleep on it. If after you’ve had some time to think, you still want to buy it, then go for it. 

Find Freebies

In the spirit of getting 100% discounts, getting things for free is another great way to do this. In the last article, we talked about vouchers and discount codes when you shop, but it’s possible to take it a step further. 

Some manufacturers and retailers periodically give out vouchers for free products for you to try in the hope that you buy more afterwards. In the UK, you can also use apps like Shopmium and CheckoutSmart to get refunded for certain products you buy. 

You can often find freebies online from free perfume samples posted to you to free bets and spins through sites like oddschecker

Regrow Vegetables

Although it can take a little work, it’s possible to regrow vegetables from the scraps that you would normally throw away. Even if you have a tiny garden, it’s possible to grow your own vegetables.

There are plenty of guides online that will show you the steps for each type of plant, but the typical process involves placing the roots/base in a small container of water and then placing it in the sun.  

Easily regrown vegetables include spring onions, leaks, and celery, although with a bit more effort it’s even possible to grow a pineapple plant inside. 

Cut Your Driving Costs

Driving is expensive, with insurance, tax, fuel, and maintenance bills before you even consider the cost of buying/leasing a car. That’s why it can be an easy way to make big savings. 

One of the easiest ways to slash your driving expenses is to drive less. If you can’t drive less, drive more slowly and take a “defensive” approach. This involves accelerating slowly and decelerating earlier, meaning you burn less fuel. If done right, you could save as much as 20% each year.

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