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5 Tips for Driving Safely this Summer

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It’s less than a week until we finally hit the summer holidays. Six long weeks of family time, road trips and fingers crossed, lots of sunny weather!

Are you off on your holidays once the kids break up? We have a couple of trips planned, including a road trip to the other side of the country. With that in mind, I thought it was best to update myself on the latest rules of the road and it’s a good job I did as so much has changed since last summer.

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Dexter and Reuben sat in a blue car, Dexter in driver's seat, hands on steering wheel, Reuben on passenger seat

It’s so important to make sure you’re driving as safely as possible whenever you take your family on a road trip, so here are my top five tips on how to drive safely this summer.

Check your tyres, oil and lights before you drive

Before kids, I was always guilty of setting off on big journeys without making sure my car was fully functioning. Now I have my boys in my life I always make sure my tyres are in good condition, they’re well inflated, all my lights are in good working order and that my oil is well and truly topped up. The last thing you want to do is break down on the motorway – it’s really unsafe trying to get your car over to the hard shoulder and very scary when cars are whizzing past at 70mph.

Get a good night’s sleep

Felix fast asleep as a newborn

You must think I’m joking right? I don’t think I’ve had a good night’s sleep since the kids were born, but in all seriousness, tiredness while driving can kill. It’s so important that you get your partner on board the night before you need to do a big drive so that he or she can deal with the wake ups while you have a sound sleep.

Reduce distractions in the car

Kids can be a huge distraction when you’re driving so do yourself a favour and load them up with snacks, drinks and games to keep them busy. Our little boy loves playing on Mummy’s phone or reading a book or two while we’re driving before having a big long sleep!

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Stick to the speed limit

The whole point of a road trip is taking in the sights and sounds around you. We much prefer taking the A roads to our destination, rather than the motorway so we can find cute little towns and new places to explore. So why on Earth would you want to go faster than the speed limit? So many people speed these days and there’s really no need. To keep your family safe, stick to the limit – you’ll get there when you there.

Take regular comfort breaks

Neil, cary baby Felix and Dexter, carrying a plastic sword walking up the beige path to Dundonald castle

Whenever you’re on the road, it’s imperative that you make plenty of stops so that you can stretch your legs and have a break from the monotony of driving. Who am I kidding? You’ll have no choice in the matter if you have a toddler who’s potty trained in the car with you. Why is it that they always need a wee when you’re at the furthest point between service stations?! Seriously though, regular comfort breaks renew your energy and stop you becoming a zombie after hours of driving on the same road, make sure you factor these in when planning the length of your journey. We prefer visiting castles or parks to generic motorway service stops, everybody just feels so much more refreshed after a proper stop.

Scarily, major car accidents happen everyday, so take my advice and stay as safe as possible on the roads this summer. But most of all, have a fantastic holiday!

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