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7 Reasons to Implement Organic Product Usage for your Kids

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There may be many reasons you have started using or might be interested in starting to use organic skin care products. Perhaps you’ve come across one too many articles pointing out all the dangers of nasty toxins in conventional products and you’ve decided to make the change for your health. Or maybe your sensitive skin simply won’t tolerate harsh synthetics anymore.

Whatever your reasons, all of those will fly out of the window when you have kids and they’ll soon become the number one reason you switch to organic products because it’s no longer just about your health and well-being, but about theirs too.

In this article, we’ll share 7 of the top reasons you need to switch to organic products for your kids, so make sure they’re occupied for the next few minutes, make yourself a cup of tea and get reading!

You’ll ensure optimal health during their developmental years

Children’s bodies are far more delicate than a fully grown adult and certain chemicals can actually affect and stunt development.

You would assume that baby and children’s products would be more natural until you browse the label and realize that there are just as many “nasties” in there as there are in products for adults.

To avoid this completely, stay away from conventional products and fill your beauty cabinets with only 100% natural and organic products, formulated with ingredients you can actually pronounce.

You’ll avoid unnecessary irritation

Children’s skin is very delicate and needs gentle ingredients to avoid irritation and flareups. Look for organic products formulated with soothing skin oils and butter like shea butter to provide soothing hydration and an infusion of vitamins and minerals. Next time your teenager has an acne breakout, reach for something natural acne solution instead of harsh astringents and chemicals.

You’ll be protecting the planet for your kids and grandkids

We all need to do our part to protect this precious earth, and what better reason could there be to help preserve our beautiful planet than for your kids and grandkids?

Organic, natural products won’t pollute our Earth, unlike those harsh, synthetic products that pollute our waterways and streams when they swirl down the drain.

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You’ll set your kids on the right path from a young age

Help your kids to learn from your lessons and set them on a healthy path from young so it naturally becomes a way of life for them. By introducing them to organic products from a young age, it will soon become a habit that sticks with them throughout their life.

You’ll enjoy more quality time together

If you’re purchasing organic products, then chances are you’re purchasing organic produce too and whipping up all sorts of healthy confections in your kitchen. This is the perfect time to spend quality time with your kids as you avoid takeouts and spend time cooking up a storm, making your own homemade body scrubs, or having fun whipping up DIY face masks!

You’ll lower their risk of infections

Everything you apply to your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream where it can put your child’s health at risk, weaken their immune system and increase their risk of infections.

Natural, organic products will never put your child’s health at risk!

You’ll be reducing your toxin load

Keep in mind that everything you apply to your child’s skin comes into contact with your skin too, where it can enter your bloodstream and increase the risk of toxin build-up in your system.

To ensure optimal health for yourself, so that you can be around for your kids for many, many years to come, be sure to make the switch to organic products today!

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