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AD | Ricky Zoom SantaCycle Down: Coming to Your Screens Monday 9th December at 7am on Nick Jr

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We have a brand new obsession in this household after months and months of constant Blaze and the Monster Machines on the TV, there’s a new fave in town – Ricky Zoom.

Have you caught it on Nick Jr yet? Ricky Zoom, produced by eOne, zoomed onto Nick Jr’s screens back in October and is the first ever all-bike show, especially for toddlers.

Built for speed, Ricky is a little red rescue bike who shares his experiences with his loyal Bike Buddies Loop, Scootio and DJ. Together they race around the sports track, try new stunts at the park and zoom into every adventure.

Ricky Zoom on the tablet against a backdrop of a Ricky Zoom rucksack and Christmas tree

While they don’t always get it right first time, they understand the importance of teamwork and know that by working together they can succeed. So, even though Ricky may be the first to race to the rescue, his Buddies support him in every adventure. Ricky’s pace and courage, Scootio’s brainpower and cool hi-tech gadgets, DJ’s super-toolbox and big-hearted endeavour and Loop’s enthusiasm and Loopy Booster-power enable them to tackle the toughest problems and come out on top together, learning valuable life lessons along the track.

The latest episode which will air on Monday 9th December is the first ever Ricky Zoom Christmas special and we were given a special preview screening to see what the festive treat, titled SantaCycle Down, was all about.

Thankfully, we were given over 20 opportunities to watch the screening, as one viewing was not enough for Dexter! The fun packed seasonal episode sees Ricky and his Buddies meeting SantaCycle who has crash landed in Wheelford on Christmas Eve. After Ricky selflessly gives Santa his treasured Christmas present to help rebuild his vehicle and get it back in the sky, it’s not long before Christmas magic is filling the air and Santa is back on track to deliver his presents to lots of little bikes.

Dexter sat on the sofa with tablet in his hand watching Ricky Zoom

Dexter sitting on the sofa with tablet in hand watching Ricky Zoom

Be sure not to miss this festive treat of an episode airing on Nick Jr at 7am on Monday December 9th. If your pre-schooler is anything like mine, this magical episode is bound to be a massive hit!

Ricky Zoom and Nick Jr are also supporting Barnardo’s with their Kidmas campaign aiming to raise vital funds for vulnerable children so they can look forward to a brighter future and merry Christmas.

You can start your own fundraising page to raise funds for this vital cause here, helping children who are facing anxiety, exploitation or abuse.

Merry Christmas!

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