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Beach Cruiser Accessories for Teens 2021

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Beach cruisers are among the most stylish, comfortable, and versatile bikes for urban, flat trail, and coastal riding. Cruiser styles can easily be fitted with beach cruiser accessories, making them ideal for young riders looking to fill a delivery route or listen to music on a casual ride to the beach. Since numerous companies produce similar accessories, this list contains a few broad categories of accessories available to teens in 2021:

1. Smart Helmets

Though the technology behind bike helmets has remained largely the same for many years, helmet innovators have recently developed technology to push bike safety firmly into the future. Smart helmets are equipped with rear signaling and breaking LEDs, as well as headlights for night riding. Since both front and rear facing LEDs are highly visible at night, smart helmets provide riders with significantly better overall safety than traditional helmets with reflective strips or standard night lights.

2. Removable Bike Baskets

For running a delivery route or doing errands, a sturdy bike basket is an absolute necessity. Because beach cruiser bikes position handlebars further behind the wheel than most road bikes, a cruiser can easily be equipped with a removable bike basket. Baskets come in different shapes and volumes so it is always important to choose the one that is best suited to your personal needs.

3. Fenders

The bane of a Pacific Northwest bike courier is the dirt and water that gets sprayed up and down the unsuspecting rider’s back after a surprise bout of precipitation. This is why removable fenders have become ubiquitous in bike shops across the West Coast. Though many cruiser bikes come with fenders, those that don’t can easily be equipped with guards that function flawlessly to prevent rain and muck from splashing you on your ride.

4. Panniers and Bags

For those who are uncomfortable riding with a large backpack or front-mounted basket, a pannier or bag can serve as a convenient alternative. Panniers are also great for holding objects that are delicate or tall, such as laptops or drink containers. Because panniers are mounted behind the rider and below the center of gravity, they tend to minimize the amount of shaking and vibration that objects inside are exposed to.

5. Speakers

For much of the past century, biking and listening to music have been mutually exclusive activities. When in-ear earbuds became fashionable, riders started to enjoy music while riding, but at the cost of some of the situational awareness needed to ride safely on busy streets. Recently, wireless speakers have been developed that are easily installed and can connect to any devices with Bluetooth capability.

For young riders, safety and convenience are indispensable qualities. With the right accessories, you can rest easy knowing your teen is properly equipped for biking to school, work, or the beach. If you are still searching for the perfect bike to customize for your prospective young rider, try looking for beach cruiser bikes for sale online. Remember, there are many important considerations when buying for a first-time bike owner, so make sure to check fit and features carefully.

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