• Prelude: The Return to Work

    2nd May 2017

    The countdown is officially on…hold on, who am I kidding? The countdown has been on since he arrived. The second question I was asked when he was born after, ‘is he a good baby?‘ was always, ‘When are you going back to work?‘.

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  • The Baby That Wouldn’t Stop Screaming.

    4th April 2017

    I can’t pinpoint when it began. I can’t be the only one who only knows what day it is based on whether my husband is in work or not, can I? Sometimes it feels as if something that happened yesterday happened two weeks ago, and sometimes it feels like something that happened two weeks ago…

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  • H M baby leggings in black

    H&M Baby Haul | 12-18 Months

    23rd March 2017

    Up until now, we have mainly clothed Dex with bits and pieces that have been given as gifts or I purchased randomly in the Next sale when he was a newborn. I guess while I was on maternity pay, I just bought anything that was a good price. Now that he is approaching 1 year…

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  • Fun Activities for a Four Month Old

    23rd February 2017

    In the early days of having a newborn, they don’t need much entertaining but by the time they reach four months, activities are definitely needed. It can be difficult to think up things to do day in, day out, so I made this list of fun activities for a four month old. These are all…

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  • Dexter’s 9 Month Update

    22nd February 2017

    He spent nine months growing in my belly and now here we are at nine months in the outside world. It’s been nearly eighteen months since I first saw him on a screen dancing away at only nine weeks. His legs bounced up and down and his arms flapped up and down. It’s incredible to…

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  • Dexter sat in his cot suffering with the 9 month sleep regression, angry, red eyed, tired, but refusing to sleep

    The 9 Month Sleep Regression

    18th February 2017

    We have all heard of the four month sleep regression and how terribly it affects baby’s and mummy’s sleep, but what about the 9 month sleep regression?

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  • Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Baked Pancake

    27th January 2017

    As I am sure my regular readers are aware, we love a baby led weaning pancake! We’ve tried banana pancakes, sweet potato pancakes, scotch pancakes and now we have this baked pancake recipe. This baked recipe is totally baby led weaning friendly. There’s no added salt or sugar; it uses unsalted butter and the fruit…

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