• BLW // Five Things I Learnt in our First Week

    23rd November 2016

    It’s been a week since we started baby led weaning and it’s been a mixture of highs and lows. I’ve offered a whole range of food- fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, chicken, pasta, bread, peanut butter and hummus. There’s been successes and there have been complete failures (word to the wise: piri-piri hummus is a no-go).…

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  • 26 Weeks in, 26 Weeks out. 

    21st November 2016

    My darling Dex turned 26 weeks old on Friday. I cannot honestly understand how I have a six month old baby. Life has changed so much over the past year, all for the better of course. I wanted to do a quick snapshot of 26 weeks in versus 26 weeks out. 26 weeks in. In…

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  • Working Out How Old Your Baby Is

    16th November 2016

    Dexter and I went to Baby Babble class at the local children’s centre yesterday. We don’t often go to baby classes, mainly because I am scared of awkward mum chat, but I know I need to do what’s best for Dexter so have been making more of an effort recently. When we arrived, the receptionist…

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  • Increasing the Size of the Bottle Teat: Is Your Baby Ready?

    8th November 2016

    A few nights ago I finally changed the teats in Dexter’s bottle from size 2 to size 3. I had previously attempted to change him to the bigger teats around a month ago but had failed spectacularly. Milk had spilled everywhere, he had choked, gagged, spat out the milk and finally started clamping his mouth…

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  • Mum Guilt // The Struggle is Real

    3rd November 2016

    A friend shared this picture yesterday in our Facebook mummy group in response to the question ‘Does anybody feel constantly guilty for not spending enough time with their baby?’

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  • Dexter in tummy time position playing with ducks floating in a bowl of water

    5 Month Baby Activities – 8 Fun Playtime Ideas

    26th October 2016

    It can be difficult to know what to do with your baby once they hit five months old. They may not yet be able to sit unsupported and yet they are desperate to do more playtime activities. This article discusses the 5 month baby activities we got up to when Dex was a five month…

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  • Nicola breastfeeding Felix in bed selfie

    Our Difficult Breastfeeding Journey

    22nd October 2016

    When I was pregnant there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I would breastfeed my baby. I knew that breastmilk contained all the vitamins and minerals that baby would need and understood that research suggested that breastfed babies were more intelligent, were less likely to suffer from obesity and less likely to suffer…

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