• 20 Things I’ve Learnt in 20 Weeks

    12th October 2016

    1. Being off work on maternity isn’t as fun as it seems. I’ve been off work now for nine months due to a mixture of maternity and sick leave and it isn’t all it is pictured. Hands up who thought they would spend their time swanning around the shops, sitting in Costa drinking coffee, walking…

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  • Dexter at five months old in the tummy time position look directly at the camera with his head propped on his left arm

    How to Encourage Your Baby to Enjoy Tummy Time

    5th October 2016

    If I had a pound for every time a mum told me that her baby hates tummy time, I’d treat myself to a night away in a hotel so I could have a full night’s sleep! But seriously, all babies start off hating tummy time. Why would you want to be put on the floor…

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  • Routines in the First Few Months

    1st October 2016

    In the first few weeks of baby’s life they will be going through the ‘fourth trimester’, trying to adapt to life in the outside world. During this phase it is near enough impossible to get anything done:  cooking, cleaning, sleeping, washing (clothes and yourself!) all of these things go out of the window. This lasts…

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  • How to Get Your Baby to Nap

    21st September 2016

    It’s my opinion that the better a baby sleeps during the day, the better he will sleep at night. When Dexter was first born and he was sleeping all day, I used to try and keep him awake thinking it would mean I would get longer at night – big mistake! Dexter has always been…

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