Pregnancy Diary: Week 19

What a strange week this has been. I had to take time off work for the first time since my last pregnancy, which is not…

Pregnancy Diary: Week 18

I’ve just come to the end of my eighteenth week of pregnancy and things are starting to feel so much more real with very regular…

Pregnancy Diary: Week 17

A bit of a quiet week this week, not very much to report at all.

Pregnancy Diary: Week 16

I’m a bit late updating this week, time is really flying by in this pregnancy!

Pregnancy Diary: Week 15

The big news from this week? I finally have a 16 week midwife appointment! Yay! T rang me on Friday so say she had organised…

Pregnancy Diary: Week 14

It’s been a busy week as always with trying to juggle being pregnant, having a crazy toddler to look after and working full time!

Pregnancy Diary: Week 13

Another week of pregnancy and it feels like I still have so long to go and yet it seems like I’ve been pregnant for the…