• Review: Doddl Cutlery

    26th October 2017

    As huge advocates of baby led weaning, it was important to us that we let Dexter start feeding himself using cutlery in his own time. I waited until he was around 10 months before I started introducing spoons and forks alongside his meals but he was hardly interested and would invariably end up throwing them…

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  • Dexter chomping on some chicken in the britannia inn liverpool

    Review: Britannia Inn, Liverpool

    3rd October 2017

    *We were offered a meal at The Britannia Inn Liverpool in return for this honest blog post Eating out in a nice restaurant is the new bar hopping for me now I have a little family in tow. I tried having a couple of drinks in the BlogOn conference last weekend after two years off…

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  • Review // Bibetta Ultra Bib and Dribble Bibs

    5th September 2017

    Bibs are an absolute baby and toddler necessity in this house. Dex has literally been teething for 14 and a half month of the 15 months he has been alive and I just could not cope at meal times without a trust bib to catch all the food and keep his clothes clean. god knows,…

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  • Review: Angel and Rocket Clothing

    24th August 2017

    My biggest guilty pleasure in life is clothes shopping. In my teens and twenties, there was nothing I loved more than hitting the high street and shopping until I quite literally dropped. Now I have a little mini-me, my passion for women’s clothing has slowly dwindled and my love for shopping for cute baby and…

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  • Review // Mama+Belle Teething Jewellery

    4th August 2017

    Dexter seems to have gone from 0-100mph with regards to teething over the past six months. We waited six months for his first tooth to pop through then there was nothing for ages. At eight months he got his lateral incisors through and that was it for months. Every time he smiled he looked like…

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  • Review: Joie Mimzy Snacker Highchair

    6th July 2017

    When Dex first started weaning, I gave no thought to the type of high chair we wanted and bought one of the first ones I found on Amazon. It was okay but I found it difficult to clean and I ended up having to cut out the straps because they were so filthy. At around eleven…

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  • Review: Penwizard Personalised Children’s Books

    29th June 2017

    My absolute favourite book when I was a child was an A5 paperback storybook about Christmas that featured lots of different members of my family and me as the star, searching to find Father Christmas. I thought it was incredible that someone had written a book about little old me! Of course, being a tiny…

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