• Review // Good Bubble

    26th May 2017

    It can be so difficult to know what’s best to use when it comes to bathing your baby. It is so important to know what exactly you are putting on your baby’s skin especially when they are newborn. When our health visitor came to visit us recently she asked how I got Dexter’s skin so…

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  • Review: Pusheenosaurus Soft Toy

    18th May 2017

    Have you met Pusheen the cat? This adorable little cartoon cat seems to be everywhere you turn. She has over nine million followers on Facebook alone and her cute how-to webcomic brings brightness and chuckles to all that see them. She has lots of different personalities including Pusheenosaurus.Β 

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  • Review // Mummy & Me Bracelet Set (itshandmade.co.uk)

    4th May 2017

    We were recently asked to review a bracelet set from itshandmade.co.uk, I was over the moon because it has been so long since I’ve received a lovely bit of jewellery and worn anything other than just my engagement and wedding rings. I guess when you have a baby who is super interested in every tiny…

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  • Review // Little Dish Pots & Pies

    28th April 2017

    We were recently given the opportunity to review Little Dish Pots & Pies for the Mother & Baby Awards. I was so impressed with what we tried that I wanted to share with all of you guys.

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  • Review | Zeta Citi Stroller

    27th April 2017

    We took our first trip abroad as a family in April 2017 so I spent lots of time looking for fold up stroller that would be easy to transport from here to Mallorca via the plane and coach. I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on something that would only be used a handful…

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  • Review // The Flavour-Led Weaning Cookbook

    14th March 2017

    Flavour is so important to my husband and I. We absolutely love to travel the world and have visited some amazing countries: Thailand, Japan, Spain, Morocco, Italy and Tunisia to name a few. Part of the love of travelling comes from the food we sample in these foreign lands. We’ve tried all sorts of weird…

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  • Antipodes Merino Sleep Bag | Review {AD-Gifted}

    9th March 2017

    Sleeping bags and sleep sacks have been an absolute godsend for me and Dexter since he was born. He came into the world in May 2016 and we lived through what seemed to be the hottest summer in many years. As a newborn I was paranoid he would be cold and it didn’t help when…

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