• Top Tips for Looking After Baby’s Skin this Winter with WaterWipes

    16th February 2017

    We are now in the thick of winter; everyday I turn on the TV and the threat of snow is looming.  What does this mean for my baby’s thinner and more sensitive skin? A colder climate and all those extra layers can exacerbate skin conditions such as nappy rash, chapped lips, eczema and dribble rash.…

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  • BibaDo's logo

    BIBaDO Coverall Bib Review: The Best Baby Led Weaning Bib?

    9th February 2017

    Welcome to our review of the BIBaDO bib. We love baby led weaning and were so pleased to receive the BIBaDO bib, which we consider to be the best baby led weaning bib, to review. One thing I’ve written about extensively whenever I’ve talked about our baby led weaning journey is the mess. The mess…

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  • Review: Baby Wings Dummy Clip

    4th January 2017

    Dexter has taken a dummy since he was a couple of weeks old. We found it useful to settle him in those early days, as well as trying to stretch out time inbetween feeds as he got a little older. A lot of people have their opinions of dummies, but they have worked for us,…

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  • Review: Cirio Tomatoes

    19th December 2016

    I absolutely adore Italy and have travelled extensively through the country on several occasions. Its beautiful scenery, history and weather draw me to it again and again but the main reason I keep returning has to be the food. I regularly try to recreate Italian dishes at home that I’ve sampled on holiday, but they…

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  • Review: Baby Einstein Discover & Play Gift Set

    10th December 2016

    Dex was lucky enough to be given this Baby Einstein Discover & Play Gift Set back in November and I just had to write a review because I absolutely adore every piece of it. We already have the Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper and these little toys slot into it perfectly as well as being good enough to…

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  • Review // Sudocrem Care & Protect

    7th November 2016

    Nappy rash can be a real pain in the butt (no pun intended!) It results in angry looking, sore skin and a grouchy baby. Definitely want to avoid the grouchy baby! Dexter has been super lucky that he has only ever suffered with nappy rash a handful of times. I put this down to ensuring…

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