• Dexter wearing green shorts and red arm bands stood on the beach next to the incoming tide holding hands with his daddy

    Toddler Travel Tips: How to Make Your Journey as Easy as Possible

    30th January 2018

    There are pros and cons in traveling with a toddler. Obviously, you want your toddler to explore the world and also learn from the trip. Kids love to see new things and this is something you don’t want to deprive your child of. The only problem is when you are already outside, you will never…

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  • Road Trippin’ Through France | Travel Before the Baby

    1st December 2017

    A few weeks ago I wrote about our wonderful trip to Thailand and Malaysia back in 2013 and my good friend Nicola shared her experiences of Vietnam a week or so after. This week, after reading Chill Insurance‘s eBook about cultural drives around Ireland, I was inspired to write about our ‘cultural’ [read beer sampling…

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  • Travelling Before the Baby | Visiting Vietnam

    9th November 2017

    After writing about my wonderful trip to Thailand a couple of years ago, I asked my good pal Nicola from I am Crabstix if she’d like to share her experience of travelling around Vietnam. I wish we’d known each other back then as I bet we’d have been excellent travel buddies! I’m Nicola, 34, from…

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  • 4 Nights in Mallorca with a Toddler

    17th October 2017

    We have always loved travelling and holidaying during our precious weeks of annual leave and now that Dexter is with us, nothing has changed. We love spending hours trawling the internet finding cheap flights, luxury accommodation and reading everything there is to know about our destination, and we embrace taking a toddler away to experience…

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  • Travelling Abroad With A Toddler This Half Term

    22nd September 2017

    We are off on our holidays! I am so excited to be taking Dexter on his second holiday abroad and this time we are going to Spain. The thought of travelling abroad with a toddler can seem daunting, but follow these tips and it will be plain sailing!

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  • What to Do if You Run Out of Money Abroad

    15th September 2017

    It’s your worst nightmare. You are on holiday having a fantastic time when you suddenly realise you don’t have access to money.

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  • Flying With A Baby: Top Tips To Make Your Life Easier

    8th September 2017

    Today, I am joined by Belinda from Baby in a Stroller who is sharing her tips on travelling with a baby. We have only had one trip abroad so far, but we have another one planned for October and it’s definitely something that needs careful planning. Take it away Belinda with your top tips for…

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