Children’s Bedrooms: Where Dreams Come True (and Toys are Tidied Away)

The cold nights are drawing in. Gone are the days of the kids playing in the garden until 9pm. Instead they’re spending more time in the house and leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

If you haven’t considered storage in their bedrooms, now’s the time your mind wanders to spacious wardrobes with space for toy collections.

In my view, children’s wardrobes need to be a clever mix of practicality and personality:

• How can you make it super-special for them?
• Is there a way to add storage to hide away the ever-increasing collection of toy cars?
• What can you do to make it a space that they love now but will be equally as happy with in a few years’ time?

Luckily I’ve discovered Bravo London – where they live and breathe children’s bedrooms.
They make it their business to get to know both your needs and the kids’ wants and have the talent and expertise to marry the two together. They make the impossible, possible through a careful blend of creative genius, technical expertise and good old-fashioned listening. There’s a lot of listening involved!

Mess is good

For Bravo London, it’s all about everything in its place. Part of learning is about making a mess, right? It’s about tidying up afterwards but it’s definitely all about creating devastation and showing your friends a good time when they come to visit. It’s their mission to take everyone’s needs and wants into account. They consider the whimsical ideas that add personality and character. But also, they think about the longer term. Equally important, many of their wardrobes come with adjustable shelves for tailoring the storage space to make way for their current craze or declutter as they grow up.

So, where next?

Bravo London offer home visits or ‘design visits’ as they like to call them. They come and meet the family. And if it’s best to chat over a tea party or leave a space for Hugo the imaginary friend, just give them a heads-up. Over to you – and your little bundle of joy, of course.

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