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Learn How to Find a Wedding Band Music (UK)

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The live wedding band that you hire for the wedding will be able to set the tone for your special day and keep everyone entertained. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are picking the best wedding band that you can afford. If you don’t have a clear idea of how to locate a perfect wedding band, you will end up making an incorrect choice. That’s where we thought of sharing some useful tips, which you can keep in your mind to locate the best wedding band and move forward. 

Get recommendations from your friends. 

Word of mouth recommendations will be able to provide all the support and assistance that you need with locating the perfect live wedding band. You need to reach out to your friends and ask for recommendations. If there are any friends who got married recently, you need to talk to them. Then you will be able to get the details you wanted from them. On the other hand, you can figure out what bands are the best to select as well. You should get the most out of your network as they can provide great overall assistance with locating a band that can add colour to your wedding.

Don’t just rely on the internet. 

It is true that the internet provides all the information that we need. However, you should not just rely on the facts available on the internet while looking for a wedding band. Some of the information that is available on the internet can be misleading. You never want to ruin your wedding day by following such misleading information. You shouldn’t afford to take such risks. That’s why you need to cross-check the facts that you discover on the internet with other sources. 

Then you can get a realistic picture of the wedding bands that are offering the services.While you are searching for a band, you will come across their social media channels as well. You can go through the videos that are uploaded to the social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Then you can see videos of the previous gigs that the band has performed during weddings. This will help you to picture the band performing the same songs at your wedding as well. Why not seek help from to save you time and get things going?

You should also take a look at the reviews that are available on the internet. The reviews available about the band on third party websites will be able to help you with figuring out the service that you will be able to receive at the end of the day.

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Attend a live show 

If you can find time and money for tickets, you should attend a live show of the band. You just need to spend a few bucks and a few hours on it. Since you are going to hire the band as entertainers for your wedding, this is something that you shouldn’t ignore. You should not visit the event alone. It is better if you can accommodate your partner as well. Then you can evaluate the performances of the band and make the decision whether they can add colour to your wedding or not.  

While you are at the show, you must take a look at the stage presence of the band. In addition to that, you need to check how the band is interacting along with the crowd and keep the crowd energized. If the band is just performing like robots on the stage, you will need to look for an alternative option. That’s because such a band will never be able to energize the guests who come to your wedding and create the perfect vibe.

Ask for a setlist 

You can ask the band for a setlist and figure out how they are planning to pace your wedding night. The band should be able to convince you of how they will be able to perform at your wedding. In most of the instances, the band will break playing to three different sets, where one set is played for one hour. There will only be small breaks in between the sets. You should check and see whether this is flexible. On the other hand, you should also ask for more details about the genres of music that will be played. It is even possible for you to get a list of songs and get your inputs included in it.

During this discussion, you need to check and see how the band is accommodating your requests. You should feel comfortable while negotiating with the band during this stage. Then you will be able to get the work done with ease in future stages as well.

Trust the band 

Once you finalize the contract with the band, you need to make sure that you are trusting the service provider at all times. Then you will be able to get an appropriate service at the end of the day. You are making the agreed payment to the live band, and they should curate the music as agreed on your wedding day. 

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