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Classic Christmas Gifts Ideas for Men

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Christmas is quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me, the panic is starting to set in that there’s only so many shopping days left before the big day.

Thinking of and buying gifts is probably the most stressful aspect of Christmas for me, especially when it comes to sourcing presents for the men in my life. I don’t know what it is, but I just find it so hard to think of things year after year that they will find and useful, and more importantly, love.

So this year I’ve decided to compile classic gifts for men into a blog post so that I can keep referring back to it for years to come, saving me a few weeks of worrying and stressing next time Christmas rolls around!


A classic Christmas gift for both sexes, but I know my husband loves to start the new year with a shiny, brand new diary so he can feel motivated and prepared going into January. The bonus for me is that technically he shouldn’t be able to forget another important appointment, but we all know that this is very unlikely to be the case!


Can a man have too many watches? I don’t believe so, as each watch could match every suit and outfit he has. My husband has a sports watch for when he’s playing football and cycling, a Hublot watch for special occasions like weddings and the very rare date nights we enjoy and a simple mid range watch for daily wear at the office. Chronoexpert has a huge selection of watches and you can even sell old ones on too.

Another great accessory to consider would be men’s leather and sterling silver bracelets. Depending on his personal style, you can always go beyond the classic watch for accessorizing.


I’m thinking more of my own Dad here than my boys’ Dad, because my husband isn’t really a slippers kind of guy (yet), however slippers are on the gift list for my Dad every year. They don’t have to be extravagant – just comfortable and durable, able to last until next Christmas – and I know my Dad will be happy.


Alcohol should feature on everyone’s gift list and whiskey is the classic gift for the Grandad in your life. Easily sourced and always well received, whiskey has to be the simplest Christmas gift you can buy.

Football tickets

The men in my life are avid football fans, so one of the best gifts they could receive are football tickets to see their favourite team play live. You can even buy match day experience tickets including a meal and a chance to meet the players, making your Christmas gift all the more special.

I hope this has given you some ideas for classic Christmas gifts for men and I can’t wait to re-read this next October/November to give me that much needed inspiration to kick start my Christmas shopping!

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