• three beetroot burgers for baby led weaning on a board in my kitchen

    Baby Led Weaning Burgers | Beetroot, Spinach, Feta and Quinoa

    3rd September 2019

    Creating baby led weaning burgers is my new favourite way to create healthy and delicious lunches and dinners for Felix, plus we can enjoy these baby led weaning recipes as a family too. I really enjoy grabbing a bowl, throwing in a mix of ingredients and seeing what new and exciting patty I can create,…

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  • baby led weaning sweet potato and spinach burgers for babies on a wooden serving board

    Baby Led Weaning Sweet Potato and Spinach Burgers

    1st September 2019

    As much as I love juicy meaty beef burgers, I am a little wary about how healthy they actually are, even when they are homemade. If you had suggested I would enjoy a vegetarian style burger before starting our baby led weaning journey three years ago, I would have laughed in your face. That is…

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  • baby led weaning cake on the plate next to some lemons

    Baby Led Weaning Cake | Lemon Drizzle

    1st September 2019

    Neil absolutely adores his Mum’s lemon drizzle cake, which is totally delicious, but also I imagine quite calorific and full of sugar. Not great for a young baby whose sugar intake I’m trying to limit. I have never posted a dessert type recipe before, instead focussing on finger food, but there comes a point when…

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  • baby led weaning beetroot pasta for babies in bamboo bamboo bowl and suction plate on the kitchen counter

    Baby Led Weaning Beetroot Pasta Sauce for Babies

    31st August 2019

    One of the easiest meals to prepare for your baby when the cupboards or bare or you’ve had a particularly challenging day is pasta. What can be simpler than throwing pasta in a pan, topping it up with water and leaving it to boil for ten minutes or so? If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous…

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  • Baby Led weaning hash brown potato cakes on a tray cut into strips

    Baby Led Weaning Hash Brown Potato Cakes

    25th August 2019

    We are just back from a two week break in Spain and the difference in Felix from when to left to when we got back is incredible. He started leap six while we are away and we’ve noticed that as well as gaining a lot of hair on his head, he’s becoming much more adept…

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  • Sweet potato waffles on a bamboo bamboo plate served alongside banana

    Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Sweet Potato Waffles

    29th July 2019

    Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day when it comes to baby led weaning. For me, it’s the easiest and most relaxed meal and I love how many different varieties of foods you can offer. As much as I love the ease of toast or buttered crumpets, there’s something a bit more exciting about…

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  • Baby Led weaning spinach pancakes on a chopping board in the kitchen

    Baby Led Weaning Spinach Pancakes

    4th July 2019

    We are now on our third week of weaning baby Felix and I’m pleased to say it’s getting a lot easier! After a couple of weeks of him being totally disinterested in food, I’ve now got a baby who is willing to try anything and I’m now in my element in the kitchen!

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