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Stay At Home Date Ideas For Couples

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Date nights are so important when you have children, but it can be hard to come up with stay at home date ideas for couples. Those first few months of having a newborn are so intense and the whole world simply revolves around your tiny bundle of joy and it sort of becomes the norm to forget you are a human being with wants and needs too. Let alone that your partner exists! As the newborn days fade away, you find that the person who you used to be starts creeping back, but it’s easy to carry on being stuck in a rut. After months of sitting in silence, barely daring to move, you forget that you can now get up, leave the room and at least make a little noise without worrying about waking the baby.

While I was on maternity, every monotonous day was the same as the day before. As much as I loved sharing those precious twelve months with Dexter and watching him develop and grow, at times I couldn’t wait for my husband to come home from work or for it to be the weekend so that I’d get a much needed break. We decided quite early on that Friday would be our date night, considering that my husband trains on his bike most other nights and we always made sure we set aside this time to focus on each other and have a little fun. I definitely think it’s worthwhile to invest as much as you can into your partner during the child rearing years so that you don’t end up having to use one of the best senior dating websites further down the line!

Since Dex was born we’ve had two date nights with him staying at his grandparents’ houses and so all those other Fridays we’ve had to improvise and make our own fun at home, whilst being careful not to wake the baby! I must admit, most Fridays we get a take away and simply veg out, especially now we are both working full time. I look forward to stuffing my face, moaning about my working week and getting a good nights sleep! But there are plenty of other fun things to do on date night when you can’t get a babysitter!

1. Order a takeaway and pick a film.

We subscribe to NowTV to get access to our fave films and all the latest ones too. However we usually spend about two hours debating which one to watch and by the time it’s decided, I’m definitely ready for bed!

2. Get your old board games out.

We love a good competitive game of Scrabble and even Monopoly if we are feeling particularly daring! Luckily we usually remember that it is just a game!

letters on a scrabble board

3. Pick up lots of picky bits from the supermarket and watch a box set.

Picky tea became a firm favourite during the pregnancy months and we love nothing better than picking ona baguette, cheese, olives, cocktail sausages and crisps to snack on whilst watching Scandal. Yup, he will deny it to everyone, but my husband loves a bit of Gladiator action!

4. Sit out in the garden/on the balcony with lots of candles, throws, blankets and a few beers and just talk.

Hygge is just the coolest thing at the moment and now that the weather is turning slightly more Spring like we love nothing better than sitting out during the lighter evenings with a few cold ones overlooking the river talking (mainly about Dex!)

glass of red wine on a wooden table outdoors with fairy lights on the fence

5. Dig out an old console and compete with each other on Mario Kart.

We have an old Nintendo Wii and could spend hours playing each other on Mario Kart or that game where you have to throw a frisbee to a little grey dog. So much fun!

6. Prepare a three course meal together from scratch while sharing a bottle of wine.

I don’t think there’s anything more fun than cooking together and then enjoying the deliciousness that you made with your own fair hand. We love making prawn margaritas (something we sampled in Thailand) to start, steak, spinach, mushroom and thick cut chips for main and a chocolate torte for dessert. Divine! If you want to try something fancy, make a lobster salad. Partner it with a chilled Pinot wine, and it will complete your romantic date night at home. Indeed, nothing beats an elevated home meal for your beloved!

man and woman in the kitchen cooking pasta on the hob and chopping courgette

7. Light candles in the bathroom, play soft music and get in the bath together.

Now we do kind of struggle to fit in the bath at the same time, so I am determined that when we finally buy our own home we are going to have a family sized bath because I also love bathing with Dex too!

8. Watch your wedding video with a bottle of fizz

How many times have you watched your wedding video? I think I’ve seen ours twice so I definitely am going to be doing this one soon. Will I watch it while wearing my wedding dress? Well, it hasn’t had an outing on a good few years…so maybe!

a bottle of champagne and two glasses in an ice bucket

9. Have a karaoke night using YouTube

I love nothing better than a good sing song and I do a mean Elton John impression, I can bet your bottom dollar though that it would be me doing all the singing while my husband sat and drank the beer!

10. Our favourite: stick something on the TV and then sit there in silence while staring at our phones until it’s time to go to sleep!

I work in customer service. By the time Friday rolls around I’ve had enough chit chat and am ready to just sit in silence. Doesn’t mean we love each other any less!

laptop showing christmas movie with a candle and cup of coffee in front of it

Hopefully this post has given you some much needed inspiration to inject a bit of fun into your relationship, because god knows having children has to be the biggest passion drainer in any relationship. Communication is definitely key and I think as long as you are always making time for each other, then you will have a relationship that lasts.

Let me know what you think of these stay at home date ideas for couples, and what you and your partner get up to when the kids are fast asleep!

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Friday 24th of April 2020

Thank you so much for this post... and these ideas. When mh 8 month old wakes from her nap ill head down to the shops for a few snacky things a bottle or 2. Orderinh was already the plan anyway. Partner works in a Tool shop warehouse so I messaged him saying it's date night in tonight and to keep this in mind when he goes for his shower when he gets home ?. I'll fix up the living room in a bit, take out all the baby stuff ? I can't wait lol.

Sorry that was all to much info but yeah thanks for the inspiration ❤

Devon Mama

Friday 13th of April 2018

I haven't played board games in SUCH a long time.. we used to love a good game of scrabble or a go on the Wii. I usually insist on street fighter though, my control mashing means I usually thrash Dave (and lets face it, it's NOT just a game!!)