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Easy Crafts Ideas For Children

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Whether you have the kids at home for a long summer break or you need an activity to keep your little ones busy, good fun and easy craft time are always some of the best ways to keep the little minds occupied, entertained, and educated. Plus, it is also a great way to bond with your child. Here are a few but unique, fun, and easy crafts ideas for children.

Flower petal change bowl

If you have a child, you probably know by now they don’t mind getting their hands dirty, especially when creating stuff with clay. One thing you try doing as a craft is a flower petal change bowl made out of oven-baked clay. To do this, use clay to form flower petals of any size of your choice. Form a large one first to use as the centre of your bowl and smaller ones to press into the centre of the large one. You can add some plastic beads to the centre to spruce up the design a little. Once you’re satisfied with your outcome, bake your bawl until the plastic melts while the clay hardens. 

Creating play dough shapes

If you’re not a fan of the whole baking stuff, then you can play dough shapes instead. Moulding fresh playdough offers numerous benefits for kids. Aside from letting their creative juices flow, it also comes with therapeutic benefits, as the little ones create shapes of all kinds. Playing with playdough can help the strength in the muscles while providing support for their motor skills. Plus, they can make an endless number of shapes, as far as their little minds can go. 

Dropcloth picnic blanket 

Your kids can help you create a genuinely unique drop cloth picnic blanket by creating any design they want on it. It’s pretty simple to do. All you need is a canvas drop cloth blanket, some fabric paint, paintbrushes, and you’re good to go. Only ensure that the cloth is washed and ironed before you start. Your kids can paint any design that meets their fancy on the fabric. Once done, let the material dry, and you’ll have a piece to treasure for years to come.

DIY stickers

It is safe to assume that every child loves stickers, and nothing will make your little ones happier than making material stickers or sticker books. So, believe it or not, DIY stickers are going to be one of your kids’ most favourite crafts after teaching them how to do it. Give them the chance to explore and express their creative imagination with the shapes and designs they choose. All you need is clear sticker tape, some wax paper, and colouring pencils. 

Try a watermelon bowling game

As the name suggests, it’s just bowling, but with a watermelon.

So, technically speaking, you don’t need much craft to set out this game. Just get some small plastic bottles, fill them partially with water, get your melon, and let the fun begin! And as silly as the name may sound, it is a fun idea to try with your kids. 

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