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How to Create a Toddler Friendly Garden

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Spring is on its way and we couldn’t be more excited. Although it’s been a pretty mild winter, there have been some really cold and rainy days which have meant we have been stuck in the house, especially because we’ve had a newborn to consider as well. I am really looking forward to getting outside lots more, especially out in our garden, a garden we’ve wanted for so long and now finally have, after moving into our dream home.

I love the fact that we have our very own enclosed space which is perfect for our highly spirited toddler to play in while I crack on with some washing up or feeding the baby. There are so many ways to improve your garden to make it toddler and child friendly, so that it’s a safe and interesting space for your little one to roam around in, without getting bored easily.

Simply follow these six easy steps.

Think security and safety

Make sure your garden is secure by putting up a fence and ensuring there a no gaps so you can turn your back and not worry that your little one will run out into the street. We also make sure the gate to the driveway is always locked.

We also cut back the bushes and invited someone to come out and do grass cutting services so that the ground was even and flat and there was no chance of the toddler getting prickled by the bushes. It also created more space in the garden for us to play in too!

Out of reach, out of mind

Use hanging baskets to keep flowers out of reach that you don’t want your toddler touching. After spending lots of time and money on creating a beautiful space, the last thing you need is soil and plants everywhere!

Section off a bit of garden

Make sure there’s a section where they can play in the dirt, dig and build as well as have a section of paving so they can use their ride on toys. This helps to keep them away from some areas which may be less toddler friendly such as vegetable patches and compost heaps.

I especially love the landscape gardening that Lucy from Real Mum Reviews had done, creating a toddler play area with tyre chipping incase of any nasty falls off the swing.

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Invest in some cool toys

Outdoor toys are so much fun for toddlers. Dexter particularly loves the classic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, but why not invest in a swing set, a slide, an outdoor barbecue set or a see-saw?

Make your own toddler activity stations and play areas

Toddlers love messy play, especially playing in the dirt or with sand and water. There’s so many ideas out there for outdoor activity stations. We love:

Thanks to Real Mum Reviews, Ami Elizabeth, Cup of Toast for your tips and ideas.

How have you created a toddler friendly garden?

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Devon Mama

Monday 4th of February 2019

Making the garden toddler proof is definitely the best investment we ever made. I can't wait to add some activity areas to it this year, I love the idea of chippings for a soft landing!