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Important tyre checks before leaving for a road trip

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If you ever plan going on a trip with your family you should always take a look on proper vehicle maintenance. Before heading out ,  you always tend to check your engine oil, fuel level and battery. Another very important check that you should do before leaving for a long journey should be check on tyres. Yes ! tyres are important as they are the only component of a vehicle directly in contact with the road.

Check out these simple tips below for having healthy tyres!

Check tyre pressure

A well balanced tyre pressure will help avoid accidents and tyre punctures in between the journey. You can check an adequate amount of air pressure in your tyres using a pressure measuring gauge yourself. In case your tyres are under inflated you can get proper air pressure fitted in them from a reliable garage so that chances of tyre flattening are minimized. 

Check Wear and Tear 

If you haven’t changed your tyres for a long time and you hear a wobbling sound in them then there is a possibility that they have gone old and worn out. It’s always recommended to check the tyre quality regularly and the rubber for cut and bulges. Once you do this you would have an idea when to get durable long lasting tyres. There are numerous tyre fitters in every locality and you should choose a place based on their customer ratings. Lets say if you are somewhere in Dundee you can look for a local tyre fitter. One recommendation to get your tyres in Dundee from is Fife Autocentre.  Similarly you can find a local tyre fitter in any other area.

Check Wheel Alignment 

It is very dangerous if you lose control of your vehicle while driving. There are many external and internal factors linked to losing vehicle control , one of the internal factors is imbalance wheel alignment. You can avoid such situations by properly checking the wheels of your car for balanced alignment as you do not want to put any risk to the lives of your loved ones while on a journey. 

We hope that next time you plan to take your family on a road trip you cross check all the above mentioned tyre monitoring details with other car checks.

Share this post with your friends!