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Is a Lockdown Pup Right for Your Family?

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Lockdown has been a stressful and confusing time for the majority of us. All of a sudden, we are spending an exceptional amount of time at home and with our families. It has created loads of spare time and a boring false reality, so many households have started to look at getting a pet. If you didn’t have time for a dog in the past, you may be tempted to introduce one into your home. However, this attitude has led to a massive increase in abandoned dogs, so today we will be taking a look into whether or not a lockdown pup is right for your family. 

Finding Responsible Breeders

Finding a responsible breeder is essential before bringing a puppy home. Due to lockdown, the price of puppies has increased, which has led to more illegal and cruel breeding practices. If you choose to buy a puppy, then you need to do your research and learn how to spot a bad breeder. If you come across one, then report them immediately. Buying the puppy to “save” it will just put money in their pockets and fund the cruel practice. To avoid this issue altogether, you should rescue a dog or puppy. 

The Ongoing Costs 

Purchasing your dog is the first cost you will face. If you don’t rescue a dog, you will be responsible for getting them their first vaccinations and spayed/neutered when they are old enough. You will also need to be prepared to pay for regular flea and worm treatments, annual vaccinations, and health checks, pet insurance, high-quality pet food and treats, toys, bedding, collars, leads, and more. If you couldn’t afford a dog out of lockdown, then you probably won’t be able to afford one after lockdown. 

Time and Training

The amount of time and training that needs to go into pet ownership is significant, so you need to ask yourself – will you be able to put the same amount of time and energy into your dog once you go back to work? Many dogs purchased in lockdown will be at higher risk of developing separation anxiety or socialisation issues, so you will need to take the right steps during their training to avoid this. You will also need to be prepared to pay for training classes and doggy day care once lockdown eases. 

Potential Health Issues 

Whether you get a pup from a fantastic bloodline or you save a dog from life in a shelter, you won’t be able to predict their future health. If you are taking home a certain breed, you should research potential health issues you could face, so you can take the right steps to prevent them. For example, if you have a dog that is prone to joint problems, then you can purchase joint aid for dogs/joint chews for dogs from YuMOVE. These supplements can be given during their lives to support healthy joints. 

A dog is for life and they will require lots of time and money from their owners. You will be their entire world and they will depend on you for safety and security. If you know that you can’t offer them that for the rest of their life, then you should not purchase a lockdown pup.

Share this post with your friends!