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Is An $80 Million Mega-Millions Lotto Win Enough For Two?

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It is not every day that someone won 80 million on the mega millions lottery, but it happened to Richard A. Zelasko in the United States in 2013. Rich had always considered himself a lucky guy, but this was beyond luck.

Richard Zelasko bought a mega million dollar lottery ticket in the United States in 2013. This was roughly two years since he and his wife had been separated. Their three children lived with her. Both Rich and Mary had filed for divorce in 2011 and hired an arbitrator to arrange a settlement and divide their assets.  

During the marriage, Mary had made substantially more money than Rich did at his T-Shirt shop. He had never paid her any support toward the care of their three children. Rich admitted that he had often played the lotto. Mary and the arbitrator agreed that half of the winnings belonged to her. Half of his losses had affected her and their marital assets were not divided at the time of the win. Rich did not agree. However, before it could be argued further, the arbitrator unexpectedly died. 

Attorneys were hired and the case went before a judge. The court agreed that the money was to be split 50/50. After taxes, it was $38,873,628 each or roughly $15 million each.

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Laws in the UK are stranger

The laws in the UK are designed to protect people in troubled marriages from being left broke while their ex skates away with a pocket full of lotto money. The laws are carefully worded and used.

In one example a couple was going to divorce after a long marriage. They had adult children and the divorce was planned. The wife while on an adventure played a lottery ticket with a friend agreeing to split the winnings if it won. The ticket won and each of the ladies collected £500,000. She spent £300,000 on a house, where she and her husband would live until the divorce was finished. But this is where the problem came in. He had no claim to the lottery money. But she bought a house, while they were still married, and they lived in it together as man and wife. The new house is now the marital property and he is entitled to the value of half of it. 

Can you protect your lottery winnings?

There are attorneys who work with clients who are commonly known as “high-rollers”. They may have some sophisticated ways of protecting pieces of property that they would never want to lose. These clients play with more money in a game than most people ever see in a year. These are people who can afford to lose occasionally.  These are not people in our league at all. We are not suggesting the methods they use are legal or ethical. You will have to hire a financial counselor, schooled in this type of law to determine that. 

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Lottoland and online casinos

Many people are opting to use online casinos for their betting. Lottoland is a complete gambing casino that operates off shore. The games look the same, play the same, and are insured the same as the ones you purchase locally. When you have won, the money is sent to you the same. Lottoland has a team of financial advisors to explain what you should do. 

From our perspective, you can do whatever you want to. But, it is important that you understand your legal (if you have any) responsibility before you go too crazy.

Winning a lot of money carries a lot of responsibility. Sure, you can use it all for yourself and live it up for a little while. You can drive the fanciest cars, throw the wildest parties, and wear socks that cost more than your best outfit before. You can see the world. But, then what? When thousands are going out and nothing is coming in, what will happen? Have a plan. In that on a million chance that your number is the lucky one. Have a real sit down, adult conversation with someone who knows the law and understands human nature. Let them guild you so that you will be happy long into the future.

Do it for yourself. Do it for your family, do it for the future generations of folks who will look back at you and be proud.

Most of all, do it so the legal system will not come back to look at you with questioning eyes. It is always the best way to be on the offensive, Never let anyone push you onto the defensive. Be Smart and keep what is yours legally and without question. Always use sites like Lottoland when betting online that are well established, licensed and insured. An ounce of caution goes a long way in the world of betting.

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