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It’s Time to Switch Up Your Beauty Routine

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The year is flying by and when the seasons change so does our wardrobe and our beauty regimes. Or at least, they should do…! When you’re a busy parent it can be difficult to keep up with the latest fashion trends and the latest in flawless makeup, but even if you don’t have the time or the budget to spend on your beauty routine don’t worry. You can still look fresh and feel gorgeous by simply adapting and making a few changes.  

Unsure of where to start? Well, read on for some handy tips and helpful ideas on how you can switch up your beauty routine.

Your eyebrows

Your eyebrows frame your face and many of us don’t appreciate the difference a good set of brows makes until we have them properly groomed. Instead of fiddling about with eyebrow pencils and plucking them within an inch of their lives, why not consider microblading? Microblading involves placing pigment over your current eyebrows using a microblade in a semi-permanent fashion. It’s an indulgent procedure with a fully registered technician who will tailor the colour, style and shape to what suits you best.

Get a more natural glow

Fed up of caking on the foundation every morning? If you’re sick of your foundation routine and want something a little more natural then why not consider using a tinted moisturiser instead? Building up a beauty glow during the dull, cold winter months will have everyone jealous of your post summer glow. No dodgy looking tans here!


Wearing a full bodied lipstick in the height of summer can be a difficult thing to pull off. It might look a little over the top, and it can be tricky getting it to stay put in the heat. Many of us opt for tinted lip gloss or lip stains in the summertime, but now the colder months of the year are upon us, it’s time to up your lipstick game. Try a bold new colour with a rich hue and brighten up those miserable days with a pair of perfectly puckered lips. Be adventurous!

Eye lashes

Step up your beauty with a lash serum and enjoy gorgeous long lashes that look natural while being super duper gorgeous.

Introduce a facemask or two

With the cold weather, harsh winds and drying capabilities of central heating, our skin is going to get dry, cracked and flaky. So, why not introduce a luscious facemask or two to help combat that inevitable dry skin? You can shop online or on the high street for one that suits your skin type or have a go at making one yourself.

Hand cream

Whether you’re pushing a pram up to school in freezing weather, or you’re out for a walk with the dog on a blustery day. Our hands can easily become chapped, dry and sore. Wearing gloves will of course help, but now is the time to introduce some indulgent hand cream into your beauty regime, find one that not only smells great but absorbs quickly and has plenty of hydrating properties.

And always keep a spare pair of gloves in the car!  

Share this post with your friends!