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Keeping the Garden Low Maintenance for Working Mums

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Most working mums in the UK are really suffering from the old adage ‘there isn’t enough hours in the day’.  Add to that list of tasks around the home with high maintenance garden is both impractical and an additional unwanted and unwelcome burden.  In this article I want go through some of the best ways in which we can reduce the amount of maintenance in our garden and free up some precious extra time for our family as a working mother.

Reduce the grass area with low maintenance decking or gravel

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to reduce the maintenance in your garden is by simply reducing the overall surface area of grass that you have to cut. It sounds obvious but this simple solution has multiple ramifications and not just less grass to mow, for example there’s less edging as well as less lawn to water. The two best ways to reduce the grass in your garden is with decking and gravelled area. Gravel is considerably cheaper and easier to add to the garden than decking. With that said, there’s nothing quite like having really nice decking leading up to your summer house so it’s also worth looking into.

Decking doesn’t necessarily need to be installed by a skilled carpenter, Most general builders or handymen have the skills required to install decking.  This will also save considerable money I am sure.  

Install a self watering system for summer

We all love having beautiful flowers and green grass in our gardens but one of the biggest chores and most difficult things to keep maintained is watering every evening. In the hot summer days when plants really need the moisture you can’t afford to miss at all. This is really difficult for a working mum and it’s really prohibitive in terms of keeping a high quality garden.

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This is where a self watering system becomes absolutely priceless. You can simply install a system that will set the water reservoirs to release a certain time every single day. This is perfect because you won’t over water the garden either. This means you’ll also more than likely save on the overall amount of water that you can seem to. This helps to offset the cost of a water system in the first place. There are many great outlets that offer watering kits for your garden as well as friendly advice.

Dexter looking at red flowers out in the garden

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Get a garden shredder to add mulch to flower beds stopping weed growth

Adding mulch to your flower bed is a brilliant way of stopping weeds from taking hold the net result is they won’t use the new available as well as reduce the maintenance that you’re going to need to do in your garden. No low maintenance landscape can be truly complete without a garden shredder and it’ll help keeping your flower beds in tip-top condition a breeze.

Grow plants in containers wherever possible

Continuing on the theme of water timers and in combination with plant pots and containers you’ll have a low maintenance garden dream. Flowers thrive in plant pots and planters so don’t be afraid to keep them on the patio it will also help to break up the concrete field and make your garden feel far more homely.


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