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Kickstart your health during lockdown

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The past few weeks have been tough, and we’ve all had to make some pretty difficult adjustments. From working at home and holding those conference calls in your kitchen, to home-schooling the kids and waving to loved ones through the windows. Many people have also taken the opportunity to embrace their hobbies, find new ones and enjoy time with their families.

As we’re spending most of our time at home, it’s important that we not only use this time to make memories with our family and work when we can – our health should also be a priority. You don’t have to run a marathon in your back yard to get fit or splash out on some expensive home gym equipment. Just a few simple adjustments and considerations will leave you feeling happier, healthier and stronger too.

Read on for how you can kickstart your health during lockdown.

Quit smoking

We all have our vices, and for many, smoking is their go-to habit. Everything is stressful at the moment and we’re all worried, therefore smoking for stress relief is common. However, by attempting to quit, or switching to vaping products instead – check out for the latest vaping products – you can give yourself a much-needed health kick and save yourself some money at the same time. 

Create a routine

We’re all creatures of habit, and having a daily routine is good for your mental and physical health. Get up at the same time each day, have breakfast with family, dedicate time slots to work, exercise and home-schooling. Whatever you need to do with your day, schedule time for each and stick to your new routine.

Make exercise part of your day

As mentioned above, you don’t need to invest in pricey gym equipment to feel the benefits of exercise. Working a simple exercise routine into your day will keep your body moving, your blood pumping and your mood lifted. Make the most of your time outside and go for a jog or a walk, or try some simple home-based workouts that require no equipment. You could even try yoga or Pilates.   If you happen to live in Australia and are interested in trying yoga, you may want to consider finding affordable yoga classes with Gym Near Me. With their comprehensive directory of gyms and fitness centers across the country, you can easily find yoga classes that fit your schedule and budget.

Keep yourself hydrated

It’s tempting and far too easy to drink endless amounts of tea, juice or fizzy soda drinks to get you through the day. However, remember to drink some water too whilst you’re at home. It’ll keep your hydrated, less prone to headaches, fatigue and irritability. 

Stay connected

Loneliness can really affect your mental health. So, connect with loved ones as much as possible at a safe distance!  

Keep to your medical appointments

If you’re not feeling great, don’t be put off seeing the doctor. There is much concern that lockdown will mean many of us will not seek medical attention when we really should do. Guys & St Thomas can organise private consultations if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Share this post with your friends!