Mummy and Toddler Style for Christmas 2017

29th November 2017

Christmas is quickly approaching and, unlike last year, I am hoping this Christmas doesn’t pass by in a blur of stinky nappies, baby-led weaning stress and a sleep deprived haze. Last Christmas, Dexter was only seven months old and I was still getting used to life as a Mum. I put no thought into what I wanted to wear, let alone how I’d do my make-up; for me it was a good day if I managed to put on a coat of mascara. This year things are different. I finally feel like I’ve got a hold of this Mama thing and I feel that I’ve got my own body back after managing to shed the four stone I put on during my pregnancy. This year I’ll be making more of an effort to dress up at Christmas like I used to pre-baby. Here’s how:

The Dress

Being a full time working Mum means I don’t often get the chance to go shopping in an actual store. For that reason, ASOS is an absolute life saver. They have such a huge range of clothing on their site, next day delivery and a great returns policy. The dress I’ve picked to wear this Christmas day is a flashy glittery number in gold. I’ll probably pair it with some tights as I’m not one for having my legs out.

The Shoes

I love these black boot-shoes, again from ASOS. They’re both stylish and practical and won’t be a one hit wonder either. I can see that they’ll go with a range of other outfits I have in my wardrobe and will probably become a staple well into the new year.

The Hair

Gone is the Mum bun and it has been replaced with curly blows when I have the time or French braids if I have the patience. However, my toddler does still enjoy running his sticky fingers through my hair, so for that reason, I’ll be having an updo on Christmas day. I love this take on the bun by having a dutch plait snaking up the back of the head before creating a messy effect on top. I think it’ll take a little patience to get this one right, but once I do, it’ll look amazing!

The Make Up

I’m hoping that my stocking will be full of little make up bits for me to try out on Christmas day, but if not I still have plenty of options available. I adore a smokey eye and will be teaming that with some gold glitter eyeshadow to complement the sequinned dress. I will keep my face quite natural with some Laura Mercer foundation, a touch of Chanel blush and finish off the look with strong brows.

The Nails

According to retailer Ellisons, gold nails are expected to be bang on trend by the end of 2017 and who am I to argue? A lovely metallic gold shade will be the perfect finishing touch to my outfit. To read more #AWBeautyTrends check out Ellisons’ website:

…and for the Toddler?

For toddler clothes my absolute favourite store is H&M and his whole outfit this year has come from there. We chose cotton chinos in navy blue which are just absolutely stunning, along with a bodysuit with bow tie. To finish the look we also got him a pair of braces just to add a bit of class. I reckon he’ll be the most stylish toddler around our Christmas dinner table. 



  • Devon Mama

    29th November 2017 at 8:54 am

    I love the upside down plait bun – I used to do it all the time (now I barely manage to blowdry my hair some mornings!!). You are going to look FAB this Christmas!! x

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