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Need a comprehensive guide to buying dresses? This is for you!

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It appears as though buying dresses are overrated; this is true in some regard in that you do not have to spend so much time ensuring that tops and bottoms go together and choosing the perfect clothes. However, buying a dress might become difficult especially when you are indecisive as to what dress fits your occasion. The thoughts that run through your mind in this situation either make you confident or insecure depending on how the dress fits. This guide comes in handy to help in your decision making and saving time. It also lists out common problems faced when buying dresses and practical solutions to these problems.

Getting a formal dress doesn’t have to be a hard nut to crack

Formal dress codes are oftentimes difficult to adhere to and especially when there are restrictions to your budget. Notwithstanding, finding affordable formal dresses is not an impossible task especially when you know what you are looking for and where to look. It is worthy of note that the value of a formal dress is not in the price but “in the fit.”

Common problems women face when shopping

A fundamental rule in shopping and dressing is to go with women’s dresses that amplify your best parts and conceal your not-so-attractive parts. Concealing the parts you dislike will automatically make you attractive. Below are common problems women face in shopping as well as how to deal with such problems.

The height problem

Many women are so conscious of their height and sell themselves short on height when they have to go for dresses. Do not sell yourself short on height; as a short woman, you can look stunning by going for dresses that are above the knee. Wear shoes and tights that match the color of the dress or you can reveal your legs by wearing skin-toned shoes. You need to avoid color blocking with your choice of dresses as a continuous flow of colors gives an illusion of a bigger height.

Heavy hips

Heavy hips pose no problems unless they are extremely big and can’t stay unnoticed. Slightly heavy and curvy hips always look sexy and feminine. Nevertheless, if you want to understate your hips, you can go for wrap dresses that hold your hips firm, making them appear shrunken. Wearing a belt on a V-shaped shirt goes a long way in taking the attention from your hips to the upper region.

Flat chest

Some people are reluctant to show their bodies because they believe they do not have anything to show; however, they might just be looking in the wrong direction. There is a wide range of stylish strapless and backless dresses that reveal your skin and give you that sexy appeal. Dresses with massive detailing on the chest region are the best. For example, halter dresses, slash-neck dresses, sheath dresses and a host of others.

Flabby Belly

This is a common challenge chubby women and mothers especially face and it could be pretty frustrating because it restricts dress choices. It is expedient that you go for a dress that fits you perfectly because dresses are the worthiest investments when it comes to clothing. Empire-cut dresses and waist drop dresses are the best options for a flabby belly. This is because they amplify the thinnest parts of your torso and camouflage the middle area.


Maintaining the shape of triceps is pretty difficult which is why most women would rather leave them as they are, though they still desire that they are hidden. Going for dresses with ¾ sleeves is a good idea and you can take a step further by accessorizing your hands with thin bracelets to beautify their appearance. While flurry sleeves are known for depreciating the arm region, plain sleeves amplify the region.


Women are usually in a fix as to whether to go for dresses that reveal their legs or those that don’t. Dresses give you a variety of options to reveal your legs. Going for a full-length formal dress reflects a formal look though it conceals your legs.If you are interested in something on the casual side, go for mid-calf dresses and rock them with stylish ankle-high boots or if you want an edgy look, try layering a linen skirt over your black dress.. Apart from making you look gorgeous; this look makes you appear taller. 

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