• How to Have a Stress Free Time with a Toddler at a Wedding

    20th December 2018

    We were invited to our first wedding as a family last month and boy, was I nervous! Dexter thrives on his routine which involves a nap most days, getting out and about to places he knows and recognises and being among people he is familiar with. If you try to take him outside any of…

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  • laptop showing Mummy to Dex blog situated on a windowsill

    Blogging Goals for 2019

    17th December 2018

    Another year has come to an end, and as always I like to review how I did on my blogging goals for 2018 and make some new ones for 2019.

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  • Felix fast asleep as a newborn

    Welcome to the World Felix Edward

    16th December 2018

    I’m delighted to announce the birth of our second son Felix Edward, who was born in Ormskirk and District General Hospital on 12th December 2018 at 10.57pm.

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  • A pregnant woman wearing a red and black jacket, clearly pregnant and looking out into the distance

    Third Trimester Thoughts | The End of Pregnancy: What Am I Most Looking Forward To?

    10th December 2018

    As I approach my 38th week of pregnancy, it’s becoming crystal clear that this journey is about to come to an end. How am I feeling about that? Well, in all honesty, I cannot wait! I’ve found this pregnancy to be a real drag, and there’s so much I’m looking forward to doing once I’m…

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  • All the toys listed in the best budget toys for three year olds

    Best Cheap Toys for 3 Year Olds

    7th December 2018

    Finding presents for a toddler can be an expensive business, there is so much on offer out there and it can be really difficult to stick to a budget when you’re thinking about buying the perfect gifts for that special toddler in your life. Cheap toys for boys can be super hard to find, because…

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  • A Weekend in Birmingham with London Northwestern Railway and Visit Birmingham | Ad

    6th December 2018

    It had been a while since the three of us had managed to get a weekend away together, what with me having the worst pregnancy ever and working every Saturday known to man so I could have a day off in the week with the little man, but last month the time came for us…

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  • woman stood in front of fireplace with big baby bump and nursing bra

    Breastfeeding Essentials When You Have a Second Child

    3rd December 2018

    Although Dexter was bottle fed, I was hell bent on breastfeeding last time, but it just didn’t work out. I really want to breastfeed this new baby and I’m going to try to persevere while trying to be a bit more laid back about it this time. Being prepared for a breastfeeding journey is key, here…

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