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  • Ricky Zoom on the tablet against a backdrop of a Ricky Zoom rucksack and Christmas tree

    AD | Ricky Zoom SantaCycle Down: Coming to Your Screens Monday 9th December at 7am on Nick Jr

    7th December 2019

    We have a brand new obsession in this household after months and months of constant Blaze and the Monster Machines on the TV, there’s a new fave in town – Ricky Zoom.

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  • Dexter wearing a pink plastic bib, sat in his joie mimzy snacker highchair with food all over the tray

    The 5 Best Baby Led Weaning Bibs

    3rd December 2019

    Baby led weaning is not for the faint hearted when it comes to mess. If you are a clean freak, you need to quickly get used to the idea that your highchair, floor and baby are going to need to be cleaned three times a day, until they get more adept at feeding themselves at…

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  • Felix fast asleep as a newborn

    AD | Promoting Safer Sleep with Bounty & The Lullaby Trust

    2nd December 2019

    Becoming a parent for the first time is bewildering and extremely scary. It doesn’t matter how many prenatal classes you go to, nothing prepares you for the anxiety inducing, guilt ridden, sleep deprived foggy days ahead of you when you are sent home with your newborn baby.

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  • AD | Shifting the Baby Weight with DietBon Weight Loss Meals

    26th November 2019

    I’ve talked before on here about how I’ve not quite shifted the baby weight the same way as I did after having Dexter. A lack of willing, the fact I’m drinking alcohol this time and a general sort of ‘who gives a stuff‘ attitude means that nearly a year after giving birth, I’m still around…

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  • Review | Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies + GIVEAWAY [AD Gifted]

    19th November 2019

    Dexter has been obsessed with communication toys since he was a young baby. He’s played endlessly over the years with pretend phones, my actual phone, toy radios and tablets, so you can imagine how happy he was when I introduced him to The Discovery Digital Walkie Talkies.

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  • 5 Must Visit Theme Parks in France

    18th November 2019

    My love affair with France started back in 2006 when I moved there for a year abroad as part of my degree. I spent the majority of the year in the city of Dijon, famous for its mustard and magic owl, but I also enjoyed exploring much more of what the country has to offer…

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  • Dexter putting his hands into a washing up bowl full of purple Smelli Gelli Baff

    Review | Zimpli Kids Toys + GIVEAWAY [AD Gifted]

    18th November 2019

    Zimpli Kids have racked up over SEVEN BILLION views on YouTube, so I doubt there is a kid in the land who hasn’t seen or heard about their fantastic toy products for kids. They kindly sent us a range of their products to try out and my three year old toddler was genuinely thrilled.

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