• Baby Led Weaning: Our First Time in a Restaurant 

    30th December 2016

    Today we made our first trip for a meal out as a family since Dexter started weaning. I’ve been promising to take my husband for a Pizza Hut buffet lunch for months now, and I couldn’t put him off much longer. Dexter is now 7 months old and has been baby led weaning for a…

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  • raw green beans, chopped sat on a white worktop

    Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Green Bean Pesto

    30th December 2016

    My Pepper Pasta Sauce recipe was such a success, that I thought it would be good to try some other pasta sauces. I had some green beans tucked away in the fridge, so decided to use them to try a green bean pesto. Dex loves green beans. Over Christmas he ate them on both Christmas Day…

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  • Blogging Goals for 2017

    28th December 2016

    I started blogging in October 2016 and it’s been a pleasure to be able to record everything I’ve been doing with Dex. Through blogging, I’ve met some really lovely people and read some excellent posts. It’s been so nice to see people take an interest in what I am writing about and I’ve been so…

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  • baby led weaning chicken nuggets on a baking tray ready to be cooked

    Baby Led Weaning Chicken Recipe

    26th December 2016

    I am always looking for new ways to incorporate meat into Dexter’s diet. The reason we need to start feeding our babies solids at six month is because their stores of iron start to run out and we need to replace them. Meat is a great source of iron. Chicken has 1.3mg per 100g. This…

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  • baby led weaning pizza before cutting it ready to serve

    Baby Led Weaning Pizza Recipe

    23rd December 2016

    Pizzas are a huge staple in this house, we love ordering them for takeout, buying them fresh from the supermarket and making our own. Before Dex came into this world, we would make our own dough, spend hours proofing it, rolling it and baking it. We rarely have time to do this now, so we…

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  • 2016 // My Alphabetical Year in Review

    22nd December 2016

    Thank you to Maria over at Mummy to Logan for tagging me in this very different way of doing a 2016 review. This is pretty difficult, but I got there in the end. It’s been an incredible year, the best of my life so far. Here’s why: Alcohol – not a drop has passed my lips in 2016.…

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  • Dexter’s 7 Month Update

    21st December 2016

    Yesterday, Dexter turned seven months old. I cannot comprehend how quickly the time as gone, yet at the same time, it feels as if he’s been here forever. He is such a happy and content child, we are extremely blessed. This is what is new this month: Dexter is drinking 7oz bottles around five times…

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