• Our living room with a silver chandelier and a canvas print of Dexter looking at a goose in Martin Mere above the fireplace

    Review: Updating Our Living Room With Parrot Print Canvases

    19th February 2019

    As you will be aware, we moved into our first owned property back in August last year and have spent the last six months planning and designing each room to make this family house a home.

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  • How to Make Money from Blogging

    18th February 2019

    When I started blogging, I had no idea that you could make money from sitting in your bed, tapping away on your laptop, and to be perfectly honestly, I’m kind of glad I didn’t know. Making money shouldn’t be the reason you start a blog, but it definitely is a great incentive to keep going…

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  • Dexter's toddler bed which is shaped like a boat with a white duvet with navy blue stars and a teddy bear placed on top

    Transitioning to a Toddler Bed | Our Story

    14th February 2019

    In October, I put Dexter down for a nap and he used his arms to vault onto the cot bars, before swinging his legs over and landing on the floor with the perfect gymnastic finish. If he’d been a participant in the Olympics he would have received a score of 10.0.I was now faced with…

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  • a picture of the five baby and toddler products i can't live without including buggy board, baby monitor, changing bag, thermometer and baby bouncer

    Second Time Mum: 5 Baby and Toddler Products I Can’t Live Without

    13th February 2019

    Being a Mum of two is seriously hard work. Why does it always seem to be that the baby gets hungry at the exact same time the toddler needs your absolute undivided attention?! I have not just had to deal with a generic whiny toddler and needy baby, but a toddler who has been ill…

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  • Felix lying in a king size bed with white sheets sleeping

    Felix’s 2 Month Update

    12th February 2019

    Felix turns two months old today. It has been the fastest two months of my life. I don’t know why, but when Dexter was a newborn the hours of each day dragged by, however the time now passes so much more quickly.

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  • Felix wearing the swaddleme bath to bed gift set hooded towel

    AD-Gifted | Felix’s Bedtime Routine with the SwaddleMe Bath to Bed Gift Set

    12th February 2019

    Felix turns eight weeks old this week and he has changed so much from the tiny 8lbs newborn we brought home back in December. Our routine has been all over the place for the last eight weeks, but we are starting to see more of a pattern in Felix’s feeding and sleep times. He has…

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  • Dexter looking at red flowers out in the garden

    How to Create a Toddler Friendly Garden

    4th February 2019

    Spring is on it’s way and we couldn’t be more excited. Although it’s been a pretty mild winter, there have been some really cold and rainy days which have meant we have been stuck in the house, especially because we’ve had a newborn to consider as well. I am really looking forward to getting outside…

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