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Professional Tooth Whitening, is it Worth the Money?

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In a word; yes. However, ending it there could make this the shortest article ever, so let’s explain things in a bit more detail. You have two choices when it comes to making your teeth whiter; buying a DIY kit and doing it at home or taking a trip to a dental practice. Chances are you could have to go to a different practice for this specialist treatment but a quick Internet search such as teeth whitening Weybridge will show you what options there are in your area.

Why Teeth Need Whitening

Your teeth will naturally look darker the older you get, their appearance can also be greatly affected by what you eat, drink and other lifestyle choices such as smoking. If your favourite tipple is red wine you will already be aware of the staining a few glasses can cause. Even with all the cleaning and flossing you will notice over time that your teeth are no longer the colour they once were. This process can take years but bringing them back to their former glory will take no time at all in the hands of a professional cosmetic dentist.

Are The Kits You Use at Home Worth the Money?

The results you get from a kit you use at home will not be as good, simple as that. The chemicals involved aren’t as strong as they are intended for use by people with no previous experience. You are never going to achieve a professional result by doing it yourself but they are good enough if you just want a boost for a night out as that’s about as long as the whitening will last. Be careful if you buy these kits however as there are thousands available online which contain pure bleach and can be really dangerous.

How Long Does Whitening Last?

It’s impossible to say as it all depends if you carrying on doing what led you to get your teeth whitened in the first place. If you smoke and eat or drink things containing strong colours, blackcurrant juice for example, your teeth whitening won’t last anywhere near as long as it would if you miss these out. The longevity of the whitening also depends on the shade you have your teeth lightened to. If you are going for the unnatural pure white, Hollywood dazzle it will be very difficult to maintain but if you go for a more natural shade it will seem to last longer as they weren’t so bright to start with.

To sum it all up, tooth whitening at a dental clinic will cost more but will give a much better result, will last longer and will be a lot safer. You will get to select the colour you want to achieve and have the treatment done in a calm and relaxed environment by a true professional. You are guaranteed that it will be painless and the only parts of you that the chemicals will come in contact with are your teeth.

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