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Quality Dietary Choices for Your Special Pup

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The choices we make in our day-to-day eating habits can have a huge impact on our long-term health. From how many calories we consume to the level of nutrients in our selections, proper dietary choices can make a substantial difference in energy, mental acuity, physical fitness, and even lifespan.

It should go without saying that every member of the family should have access to high-quality dietary options. Why should your dog be treated any differently? 

There are a variety of dietary choices and methods available to provide dogs with a high-quality feeding experience. If you’re a dog owner who wants to learn more about how to feed your pups in a healthy manner, keep reading to learn more. 

Raw Food Diets

Given such a huge reliance in recent years on standardised formulas, mass production methods and subpar ingredients have found their way into many dog food brands. This, along with other nutritional motivations, is the inspiration behind raw food diets. An increasingly popular option, raw food diets incorporate raw meat, vegetables, fruits, and bones into daily dietary regimens.

Many popular dog food brands are heavily grain-based. While canines can consume grain without any visible health problems in the short term, the often dehydrated nature of grain-heavy options makes it less than ideal. And the grain themselves irritate the stomach and gut of the dog.

A variety of premium raw food dog companies produce sustainable, nutritious options. Bella & Duke provides natural raw food solutions for dogs that are delivered directly to your door. They also offer raw dry dog food options for those who appreciate its convenience but want to avoid an overload of grains in their dog’s diet. Bella and Duke also have a ton of useful tips for pet owners on their blog. If you are thinking of buying a French Bulldog, for example, you can read some diet and healthcare tips through their handy guide on

Fresh Meals Prepared at Home

Having control over each aspect of your dog’s diet is an appealing concept for many. Your special pup deserves the best, but not everybody has ample resources to purchase premium dog food solutions. If this describes you, then have no fear: you can easily produce high-quality fresh meals at home for your dog for a very affordable price.

Countless recipes for prepared-at-home dog meals exist. From discount chicken and pea puree to completely vegetarian options, dog food recipes are abundant. With the use of a food processor or blender, you can easily mix up a week’s worth of meals at once while buying ingredients in bulk. However, it’s easier and safer to buy ready-made premium raw dog food which has been tested for quality.  

Premium In-Store Options

While not every food found in stores is worthy of consideration, a variety of formulas and brands produce nutritious options.

Some factors to look for in premium in-store pet food include a high level of approved animal proteins, whole vegetables and fruits, and a lack of mixed or generic meat & fat sources in the ingredients. 

These three options present different choices for different dog owners: whether you value saving time, saving trips to the store, or saving money, any of these options can be used to provide your special pup with a high-quality dietary regimen. Depending on your dog’s exact needs and your own preferences, you’re sure to find one of these choices to be the right one.

This kind of caution should also be applied when choosing treats for your dog. Look for treats made with natural ingredients, no harmful additives, and are ethically sourced as a way of partaking in the ever-growing concern for animal rights. 

A good way to determine if a brand is good for your pooch is to use Dog Advisor’s “Dog Food Recalls” list. This list will tell you if a brand you’re interested in has had issues in the past.

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