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Reasons to Choose Land Rover for Your Next Family Car

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Having children can be an expensive affair. You’re not just upgrading the size of your family, but potentially the size of your home and definitely the size of your car. Our little three door Volkswagen was no longer sufficient once the boys came into our lives, we now needed two bigger and better cars.

Land Rover is the quintessential British brand of cars, especially where we live in rural Lancashire. With their sleek SUV range and off road capabilities, Land Rover build the perfect cars for families for lots of different reasons.

Spacious SUVs

The space in Land Rover vehicles (including their compact SUVs) is unrivalled by other brands in the market. Emma loves them because she can fit three car seats in the back for her growing family and Nikki adores the boot space where she can store school bags, PE kits, a guitar, golf clubs and pack ups with still yet more room left over!

We recently had a fight to get all the stuff we needed for our trip to Bluestone into our medium sized Renault Captur. Lauren loves how her Land Rover covers long distances easily while holding everything she needs for her family holidays to the coast.

Safety Features

Land Rover vehicles come equipped with a huge range of safety features including but not limited to autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, park assist and a blind spot monitor. Nothing is more important than your family’s safety and driving a Land Rover SUV feels safe and secure. As with all brands, parts do need replacing from time to time, and you can find quality spares for Land Rover here

On the Go No Matter the Weather

Land Rovers are the perfect vehicle for all weather terrains. When the snow starts falling, there’s no need to worry that your kids can’t get to school or to their activities, a Land Rover can cope even if there’s a huge snowstorm. For Lianne, this is hugely important.

Fiona loves that her Land Rover doesn’t hold her back from getting to the best sledding spot in her area, whereas other vehicles are stuck on the drive during bad weather.

If you’re on the hunt for a new family car that’s safe, spacious and able to be used no matter what the British winter throws as us, then a Land Rover may be just the car for you!

Share this post with your friends!