How to Save Money this Christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching and as per usual I am feeling seriously anxious and unprepared. Last year was incredible, being on maternity leave meant I had plenty of time to order personalised Christmas cards, spend hours writing and addressing them, finding every family member the perfect gift and spending lots of time wrapping and decorating. This year I am back to earth with a bang with barely anytime in between working and Mumming to go shopping.

The other annoying thing about Christmas is the amount of money I end up spending. I try saving up over the year to spread the cost but I always find myself over budget and end up throwing things away that I’ve bought too much of. I decided to turn to my fellow bloggers to see if they had any tips for me on saving money this Christmas.

Shop with a list and don’t impulse buy! – Lyndsey from Me, him, the dog and a baby.

Don’t be drawn in by “sales” or “reductions”. If you didn’t need it before it went down in price then you don’t need it now! – Jemma from Mayflower Blogs 

I always keep Martin Lewis’ motto in mind: Do I need it? Will I use it? Can I buy it cheaper elsewhere? – Maria from Happy Mummy

eBay! I’ve got a huge collection of Playmobil that my son adores for less than quarter of the price. Children don’t care about fancy boxes – Hayley from I am River

Always shop using cashback sites like TopCashback and Quidco – Emma from The Money Whisperer

If you have people coming for Christmas dinner, get them to bring a dish! Saves on cooking time and money – Ayse from Arepops

Suggest a secret Santa with your friends/family rather than buying for everyone. That way you each get a slightly better gift but ultimately spend less! – Hayley from Devon Mama

Comping is saving me loads this Christmas! My tip is look for small local businesses running advent competitions for things you’d be buying anyway to save you money. – Hollie from Thrifty Mum

Just avoid the stuff that you see advertised that you don’t REALLY need! For example, the special turkey foil…it’s just regular foil but twice the price! Or the endless puddings etc on sale – will they really get eaten? Or the nuts, will the family actually go to the trouble of cracking them ? It’s so easy to be convinced by the Christmassy atmosphere that you need to buy everything. Question why something’s going in your trolley before you commit to buying it!  – Vicki from Family Travel with Ellie

I use voucher codes on every purchase, it’s a running joke amongst our friends. You can even use some against already reduced items for a massive discount! So far this year I’ve used a Smyth toys discount code and a Uber Kids discount code to make massive savings- Laura from Five Little Doves

Charity shops or preloved sites like Gumtree can have new things still in packaging or almost like new if not fussed about the packet  – Victoria from The Growing Mum

Earn money with things like Swagbucks, Nectar etc! I’ve made over £150 earning Nectar points through buying online – Jenna from Then there were three

Speak to siblings. Do you all have children now? If so maybe think about implementing a kids only gift rule to cut down on the number of people you need to buy for.  – Vicki from Tippytupps

Use a cashback credit card. That way, if you have to spend, you get something back  – Pete from Household Money Saving

Take some time and make some homemade gifts! I’ve become pretty good at doing ‘biscuiteer’ type biscuits and people have always been happy. Always make a point of grabbing pretty tins when I see them for this purpose!  – Laura from Edinburgh Life with Kids

So there we have it, lots of ways to save money over the festive period. 

Wishing you a very cost effective Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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  • Reply Hayley - Devon Mama

    Some great tips, I really need to get on with my Christmas shopping, I’ve still got most of it to do!

    7th December 2017 at 9:08 am
  • Reply Monika

    Some great tips there from lots of lovely bloggers. Everyone seems to have their little tricks for saving some pennies. For me, it’s definitely not giving in into the temptation and going in with a list!

    7th December 2017 at 10:14 am
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