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Stop Guessing: Everything You Need to Know About Shoes

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Before you even set foot in a shoe store, here is one piece of advice that will go a long way: make sure you do enough research before going! The more information you have about different brands, designs, shapes, and purposes, the more focused your shopping experience will be, and the better the pair of shoes you decide upon, will be. 

Even if you find the most amazing-looking pair of Nike shoes for sale, they will be of very little use if they are not used for the right purpose. You might start struggling after a while if you attempt a hike in running shoes, and strappy sandals are hardly the shoes of choice to wear for completing a marathon! These are obvious examples, and the difference between different kinds of women’s shoes is not always that apparent.  

Feet first

If you look after your feet, they will look after you. Part of taking care of your feet is to ensure that you do not put unnecessary demands on them, such as when wearing the wrong shoes for the activity you are involved with. Hit up the Nike shoes sales by all means, but make sure you don’t buy the wrong pair of shoes at a great price! 

Significant sole support

Your arches are the first port of call in trying to ensure that your shoes are a comfortable fit. Having your arches adequately supported can play a huge role in distributing your weight placement in such a manner that your feet, knees, hips and back are supported. This will help you to avoid picking up unnecessary injury, like fatigue, injury or sprains. Evenly distributed support and pressure is a cornerstone of good foot health. 

What material should the shoes preferably be made of? 

Years ago, leather was the go-to material for shoes. Although it is still a solid solution, advancements in design and technology have made several more comfortable and more purpose-specific synthetic materials available. 

This is great news for those who will not wear leather for ethical reasons. Modern leather alternatives even give you the option of getting the look, but at a lower cost and in a much kinder manner. 

Another excellent benefit of synthetic materials is the fact that the materials are often stronger, more flexible, more breathable, or more adaptable to the wearer’s foot. This often removes the need for “wearing-in time” entirely, meaning that you can often wear the shoe immediately, with no adaptation time required!

If it’s not comfortable, it’s not working.

There are many jobs, activities and hobbies that result in people spending a lot of time on their feet. If you fall into this category, immediately go for a pair of shoes with extra cushioning. This provides not only softness and support, but also insulation against cold and impact from hard surfaces. You should also consider purchasing the best insoles for working on concrete or hard surfaces. By reducing the impact on the joints, the greater the reduction in fatigue. The insulation will also help to keep your feet cool, even if you wear the shoes for a long time. 

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