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Struggling for Cheap and Cheerful Weekend Activities? Try Some of These!

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There’s nothing better when the weekend arrives and we get to have some uninterrupted family time, and with the warmer weather starting to take hold – give or take the occasional April shower – we’re fully enjoying heading out for the day and spending our free time making memories and enjoying each other’s company.

However, when you have little ones that need entertaining and the local play park just won’t cut it, it can feel like the endless trips to amusement parks, petting zoos, country houses and animal farms are starting to take a toll on your finances – click here to find out more about investments and investment pieces – so, with that in mind I’ve gathered 5 cheap and cheerful weekend activities that everyone will love!

Have fun!

Get planting

There’s something about playing in the dirt that little ones love! So, embrace it! Head to your local garden centre or supermarket and buy some seeds, the kids will have lots of fun planting, watering and watching them grow. With Spring still upon us there’s still plenty of time to plant some gorgeous flowers and enjoy them all summer long. Alternatively, you could purchase some bedding plants instead and let the children help you plant them in some plant pots or planters. They’ll still need watering – or if you’re feeling super adventurous, you could try growing some veg!

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Dexter looking at red flowers out in the garden

Create your very own water park

We love taking the kids swimming, but it’s not always budget friendly. So, why not create your very own water park in your back yard? All you’ll need is a couple of paddling pools, a slip and slide, maybe a sprinkler and some inflatables and they’ll have hours of fun! You could make it more exciting and add some bubbles, toys or make up some games and competitions. All under close supervision of course.

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Rock painting

A cute little activity which could be the start of something big! Next time you’re out and about collect up some good sized, flat stones and paint them lots of pretty colours and decorate them brightly. Then head out and hide them all around your neighbourhood for others to find! If you write messages on the rocks asking for them to be re-hidden then who knows where they’ll end up!

Have a dance party

Sometimes, the simplest of activities are the best. Head over to YouTube and put on some music videos or stream them from your music app and let the kids dance to whatever they want! You could have competitions for the silliest dance or the funkiest moves!

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Camp out

The kids might be a little young to sleep outside, but if you have a tent put it up in the backyard and let them use their imaginations. It could be a castle, or their own little home. It’ll also provide plenty of shade on a hot day and it’s the perfect place to roast marshmallows and do a spot of star gazing. The perfect way to end a family weekend.

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