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Suggestions For Spending More Time In The Garden With Your Family

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Garden areas can be tragically underused. Moreover, family dynamics can be strained, especially in the age of technology and indoor entertainment. 

You may be able to address both problems at the same time. There are many garden activities that the whole family can enjoy. Exploring each of them may help bring you together as a unit and enjoy the area in interesting new ways. 

Of course, it can be challenging to get everybody on board too. After all, not everybody has a shared affinity for the garden area. However, if you make the right suggestions, the effort at persuading even the moodiest kids should be somewhat easier. 

Here are some suggestions to help you spend more time in the garden with your family. 

Make a Play Area

Adults can view gardens as areas to keep orderly and smart. However, kids can soon develop an opposing view and love playing in these areas and, frankly, creating havoc! 

You can lead into this without having your garden destroyed. Make a designated play area for your kids that they can go wild in. For example, sandpits, trampolines, and swimming pools can be hugely popular with children. They can let their creativity run wild in these areas and get plenty of exercise. Numerous games can also be played with these tools at their disposal, so fun opportunities can constantly arise for them to preoccupy themselves with. 

Even if you’re not directly participating in all these activities, watching on or preoccupying with something else nearby is enough to create a family atmosphere. No doubt the sounds of your children’s laughter will reach you, which should fill your heart with joy.

A play area tells your kids that you’ve pushed the boat out to keep them entertained. It shows that you’re tapped into their interests and can speak their language. A great deal of appreciation can come from that and strengthen your relationship.

Relax Beneath Awnings

While your kids should have lots of fun in the garden, they mustn’t overdo it, especially in the warmer months. Awnings are viable tools in a garden, providing shade and shelter. 

Take a look at the awnings available from Nationwide to see what’s on offer here. They have been supplying home improvements for over 30 years and tailor all of their bespoke products to your needs. Different designs are available for their affordable offerings. Make an appointment to visit their showroom if you want to see their delightful and varied range of awnings in person.

You and your family can eat and relax outside with awnings. These products can also ensure that your kids have a place to rest before embarking on their garden adventures again. Ultimately, it gives your family an outdoor base to enjoy and ensures that nobody goes inside prematurely.

Do Some Group Gardening

Many people think gardening isn’t for them. However, giving it a go can be enough to change minds in some cases. 

Kids have short attention spans, so your work is likely cut out for you here if you involve your kids. Still, if you give them the choice of flowers to plant and let them dig up the soil, they may be willing to get more involved. 

Moreover, it’s worth showing them how gardens can be transformed into tropical paradises or other themed areas. There’s a lot of scope here in terms of creativity. If your kids think the garden is boring, challenge them to turn it into something exciting. They may rise to it! 

You may also bond as you impart skills and wisdom around gardening. Your garden can be a more special area when your kids have had some input too. That way, the outdoor space represents everything about your family, instead of just the choices you and any partner of yours made.

Explore Nature Sketching

Kids may tune out somewhat if you’re teaching them new skills constantly. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to mix things up and get on an equal footing regarding your skill sets. 

For instance, you could explore the world of nature sketching together and intricately interpret the world of your back garden. Children often have very creative mindsets, so this is a great way to encourage that and see what they come up with. 

You could have a whole new perspective of your garden through this hobby, even if you’ve seen it a million times. Remember, the great thing about art is that it’s subjective. There are no wrong answers, and you and your family just need to give your impression of the garden with the tools at your disposal. No matter what’s created, you could also help build your child’s confidence. 

Of course, nature sketching doesn’t demand a lot of social interaction either. Quality time doesn’t always need to be spent chatting away, especially in a serene, natural setting like your garden. Listen to the birds’ chirp as you and your family sketch away, and don’t just live in the moment, but capture it through something other than a smartphone. 

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